Week 5: Guilty Pleasures all around!

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Week 5: Guilty Pleasures all around!

Kirstie Alley dances with her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, (source: ABC Television / Dancing with the Stars) Kirstie Alley dances with her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy, (source: ABC Television / Dancing with the Stars)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

Hello week five! 

Guilty pleasures for song choices was just a tease at the guilty pleasures these dancers had in store for us this week. 

Although I should technically start off with the four couples who performed their individual routines, how can I bypass the opportunity to praise team Call Me Maybe"? 

Watching them was like watching high school musical for adults, and I now have a new found love of that catchy little tune that will be playing in my head the remainder of the night. They no doubt had the advantage of celebrity team players who bank in the athletic department: an Olympic gold medal gymnast, a pop singer who owns the dance floor, an ex-Dallas Cowboy cheerleader who has abs that make me want to get down and do 8,000 sit-ups (which I obviously can't do so I'll continue to lay on the couch and eat junk food while jealously watching), and an eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics? 

Had they done anything less than spectacular I would have been hugely disappointed and kicked them all off immediately.

Ok, I don't actually have that power, but its fun to pretend at times.

Melissa Rycroft went from being taken away in an ambulance after suffering a serious neck injury, to being tossed around like a human jump rope without an ounce of hesitation.  Girlfriend gets my vote this week just for her dedication.

Sabrina showed off her amazing ability and spunky little attitude during her and Louis' duet section and he flung her around like she was a pint-sized Barbie doll. She whipped so fast backwards I actually paused, rewound the show, and re-watched it just to make sure I wasn't imagining this blonde pixie dust flipping in the air. 

Shawn came out like a little dynamite as always, with sharp movements, precise footwork, and insane flexibility.

Apollo and Karina were able to set the record straight by putting in some old school hip-hop and showing us what they were really made of. The team was in unison, they had fun, and they raked in a high score of 29.5!

I'm curious to see what tomorrow night's team has in store for us, and to see if after witnessing tonight's solid performance, if any of the dancers are beginning to worry a bit.

Speaking of worrying, Kirstie, Kirstie, Kirstie. This may be your time to start to worry. You set yourself up by proclaiming your personality as your strong point, only to leave us hanging without an ounce of entertainment in the dance. Your ability has improved, I'll give you that, but I don't watch you for your "ability," so to speak. I watch you for your chemistry with Maks, and your laugh out loud- unfiltered humor that is never predictable and always slightly awkward. Where was that? 

Thanks to the round of applause from the crowd I could tell you had some pretty serious footwork going on at one point in the routine, but truth be told that costume was just not that flattering for you or the dance. Give us those legs to see! I want to see what's going on down there!

Speaking of going on "down there," my ovaries were having a field day with Gilles and Peeta's dance. Holy baby making boom! I'm pretty sure CarrieAnn's eagerness after the dance is what got her knocked down, which is better than being knocked up. And as the dancers, the judges, and myself have made clear, their dance to "I will always love you" was slightly beyond amazing, and well past captivating.

They were sensual and believable, and Bruno nailed it when he said it was like watching musical theater. In addition, Len hit the mark by declaring it "Hot-tober" rather than October.  A smoking score of 29.5 had them tying for the lead in the couple's routines tonight.

Up there with them? Welcome back Emmett Smith! I've missed you on my own personal dancing with the stars scoreboard. You started this season off with one of the best dances, and I had you pegged to take the mirror ball home. Then week two, three and four came and I lost track of you.

But after tonight, you are back to my list of favorites and I see you sailing your way, or gyrating your way, to the end if you continue performances like tonight. It must be the bright colors?  Wardrobe, get on that. We need to keep him shining in head to toe matchy-match colors to keep this man around.

Although they started the night with their dance, they end the night with my recap. Kelly and Val were not on point tonight and suffered a mediocre performance with less than mediocre scores. If they aren't a couple off the show, then they are playing their cards to make it look like they are for the audience to vote them around to see what happens. 

I love a little mystery mixed with reality, but at this point in the game I want to see more of her ability and versatility, rather than their constant flirting teasing. I'm sorry to say, but based off the four duets tonight and the team performance, they scored the lowest with both the judges and my own personal paddle boards, which I do hold up each night at the end of the performance.

Because I can. 

And I may or may not have much of a life.

With tonight's competition cut short, we pick up again tomorrow night to see the remaining four couples compete, along with tonight's couples performing as a team. I'll be back to give my input regarding who was hot, and who was not at the end.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty, folks. Only a few more weeks left, so if you've got a favorite you want to see stick around till the end, make sure to find your preferred method of voting, and start representing for your picks!

Until tomorrow...

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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