Week 5, Day 2: Guilty Pleasures Part 2

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Week 5, Day 2: Guilty Pleasures Part 2

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars) Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

Week five. Four couples competing tonight. Three judges. Two teams. One winner.

Time is ticking and the celebrity contestants are dwindling. Night two of this week's two-part show had me questioning the first four contestants abilities and "staying" power. Tonight's duets were incredible. My original pick for Kelly Monaco might have just been knocked out by Shawn Johnson.

It seemed tonight's score of a 27 was the constant theme. While Len didn't seem as thrilled with Shawn and Derek's performance, I personally thought it wasn't just the best dance of this week. I would feel confident saying it may have just been the best dance of the entire competition so far.

The scenery was minimal, yet powerful. She and Derek were graceful, captivating, and sensual. They were limited on space and made a circular platform seem like a football field, by wisely using their space, and incorporating it into their movements allowing them to flow smoothly, and portray the feelings that up until tonight I had wondered if Shawn was capable of showing. Great job guys, you are going to be here until the end, I predict!

Coming in a close second to their performance from my judging stand point was Sabrina and Louis. I am LOVING the princess/romantic theme in these dances tonight! It was nice to see a change in dance attitude from Sabrina, who usually is busting it out and throwing down some fast moves, wild arms, and sparkly outfits. But playing Cinderella in tonight's performance gave a glimpse in to her Disney past, and told the story as Len said, from beginning to end.

Apollo and Karina may have finally made their stand out dance this evening as well! This was the most confident I have seen Apollo look during any of his performances. I wonder if it was the silky smooth cheetah shirt that gave him that sense of security. He had fun, he did well. Karina and he were completely in sync through the dance, giving them a real shot at sticking it out until the end as well.

Now while all of those other dances were huge stepping stones for these dancers, I think Melissa and Tony's dance this week may not have been their best choice. Melissa owned the tango, I'll give her that, but her outfit got a "eh" in my book, and the dance was boring.

For never doing the tango before, she did an amazing job, and when looking solely at technique, this would have been one of the best dances of the night; however I just couldn't get myself in to the dance. She's had enough strong performances up until this point to keep her around, and like I posted previously, she's got my vote just for her amazing dedication to this competition after nearly breaking her neck. But next week, I hope to see a little more from her in the entertainment aspect.

And lastly, the team dance. Where to even begin? What to say about the chaos that was "Gangham style"? They obviously accepted defeat in the talent category, and incorporated their humor and personality in to the dance, which in the end did seem to work for them. This had to be the craziest dance of the season, and although they looked like they had a blast doing it, I don't know if any of them performed well enough to earn the viewer's votes. .

Unfortunately we have to wait another week to find out which one of our favorites is heading home, and if I had to make a prediction based off the season so far, I'd have to say Apollo and Kirstie might want to have their bags on standby. Remember though, if you want to see them, or anyone specific stay around until the end you must vote! Call, text, or Facebook to show your love.

Until next time...

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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