Grace Christian football player shares recovery, insight

Grace Christian football player shares recovery, insight after brain injury

Fallon asked Will about his hospital experience and what he has learned from it. Fallon asked Will about his hospital experience and what he has learned from it.
"Definitely, it's so uplifting, hundreds, maybe thousands of people praying for you, lifting you up," said McKamey. "Definitely, it's so uplifting, hundreds, maybe thousands of people praying for you, lifting you up," said McKamey.


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KNOXVILLE (WATE) - The McKamey household is slowly getting back to normal, but they'll never forget the dreadful night that nearly took Will's life.

He beat the odds.

"It's truly a miracle, it truly was that bad and it truly has gotten that much better in a week," Kara McKamey, Will's mother, said.

"Doctor came in and said I got a scan that just doesn't match the patient," Randy McKamey, Will's father, said.

"The only way you can explain that God's hand was in it from the very beginning," Kara McKamey said.

Will suffered a ruptured blood vessel in his brain during a game against South Pittsburg. He ran in a 2 point conversion, and the rest is a blur.

Will McKamey: I went to the sidelines, took my helmet off, and first person I saw, named Johnny Cox, he took my helmet off, I sat down poured water on my face, that's the last thing I remember… once I poured the water on my face I was just out.

Fallon Smith: You don't remember anything else?

WM: No, I remember waking up in the hospital in between those there's nothing.

FS: Was there one point in the hospital where you were scared, thinking am I not going to be 100%, am I going to lose my memory, am I never going to play football again?

WM: Yeah, that definitely goes through your head. You try not to think about it, but once my parents and the doctor came in, he assured me I would not have any long term damage, because the swelling and bleeding was going down. Told me if everything goes smoothly, I'll be able to play again in college, and it did so that was definitely a huge relief.

WM: When he told me I could not play for the rest of the season-- that's probably been the hardest part because for the most part everything has worked out great, I'm not going to have any long-term damage, so I just think missing the rest of the season is going be the hardest part.

FS: Were you surprised with the outpour of support, not just in the Grace Christian community, but all over Knoxville?

WM: Yeah I was really surprised; I mean it's almost an honor. You're in a hospital bed and have all these people caring for you supporting you.

FS: Do you think the community support has helped you in the recovery process a little?

WM: Definitely, it's so uplifting, hundreds, maybe thousands of people praying for you, lifting you up. I've had cards, flowers, everything you can't even imagine it's so uplifting.

Will even received a special surprise from Vols head football coach Derek Dooley.

"Hey Randy, it's Derek Dooley at Tennessee. I heard about Will, I'm sure that was a real frightening thing for you and just want you to know I'm thinking about you. I hope he's doing okay. It puts a lot of things in perspective as it always does, so I'm praying for you and hope everything works out for Will and your family," Dooley said in a voicemail to Randy McKamey.

 "That was just hats off first class for him to call me. I know there's been a lot on him lately, and for him to take the time to call me and for Will I know that's been Will's highlight right there, that coach called him just to check on him," Randy McKamey said.

"It just shocked me, I knew him a little bit through the recruiting process, but anytime a big SEC coach and you see him on TV all the time, and he's calling to check on me, makes you feel cool you know," Will McKamey added.

FS: How are you feeling now, your parents probably give you the evil eye when you say "oh, I'm good I can probably just go play right now," but how are you really feeling?

WM: I probably feel better than I actually am, so they try and keep me quiet, but I feel good. I'm off the meds, I'm on just Tylenol, Motrin. I really feel almost recovered, I want to go back to school, go out and do stuff, but I can't yet.

FS: What did you learn from this past week?

WM: Gosh, I guess don't put it all in one thing because it can change just like that, Thursday/Friday afternoon if you would have asked me I'd be preparing for a playoff game, but in like 5 minutes it can just change just like that.

FS: I know you're really strong in your faith, and they say God doesn't give you more than you can handle. Do you feel he's teaching you a lesson, this is a test for you, or he's using you for something?

WM: I definitely think so, the platform is just incredible. The Grace community the way everyone came together, it speaks a lot, we can show our faith through this. So even if that's why this has happened, so I can share my faith so one person can hear it-- I mean it will be worth it.

Will is scheduled to go back to the neurologist in four weeks for another scan. If all goes well, he'll be cleared to play football.

Although he can't finish the high school season, Will is committed to play football at the Naval Academy.

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