Week 7: Shorty swing my way!

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Week 7: Shorty swing my way!

Apollo Ono and Karina Smirnoff (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars) Apollo Ono and Karina Smirnoff (source: ABC Television/Dancing with the Stars)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger

Here we are, swinging in to week seven. (That is a play on words, so take note.) Before I continue I must write about the shocking elimination from last week, Sabrina and Louis. OMG!

I never saw that one coming. She has been a strong competitor through this entire season, with amazing dance work, a sparkling personality, and the fact she was VOTED IN by the fans, led me to believe she had a strong fan base out there pulling for her. So what happened? I guess we will never know, but it made painfully clear the fact that this is anyone's game, and no one is safe.

Now kicking off our fusion week with a crazy combination of the cha cha cha and the paso doble, was Apollo and Karina. I thought this dance was amazing. Apollo is really starting to create a reputation for himself as a dancer to be watchful of. Their transition between the two dances was probably one of, if not the, favorite of the night. I enjoyed being able to distinguish the two dances, as opposed to other competitors who switched back and forth every other eight counts. I thought their performance could have gotten scores a bit higher than 27 out of 30 to be quite honest. Now if we could get him to stop singing the words while he dances, I would be able to focus a bit more on those chiseled abs than his lip-synching performance.

Ok, who am I kidding? There was not much of a distraction from those abs, but still, let's work on the "mouthing of the words" while he dances for next week.

One step worse than mouthing the words? That would be the lost look mixed with counting the entire time. Kirstie Alley you've got to count in your head, girlfriend! This week her dance ability has definitely regressed, but we did get to see that personality of hers mixed in with her kind hearted spirit organizing donations for Hurricane Sandy, so I feel pretty confident she will be sticking around another week. And honestly, I've got to put the blame on Maks for tonight's disastrous routine. He definitely could have choreographed a routine that was better suited for her level of experience. I think less theatrics and more movement would have helped them in the end as well. Their chemistry is also a tad off lately, which is making them awkward and slightly painful to watch. Maybe he should take some advice from his bro Val on how to have chemistry with a partner,

And on to Val. Did I predict it or what? He and Kelly have got something hot and steamy going on off camera, and while I was hesitant to believe that it wasn't just a stunt in an order to get more votes, I finally think their affections and flirting might be legit. Something else legit, their dance tonight. Again, shocked that they only received a 27 out of 30, but Kelly finally wore something that showed off those great legs of hers and let us see she owned the heck out of the choreography. She and Val fit together like a glove performing their fox trot cha cha fusion. Keep it up love birds, whatever you have going on is working for you, so we should definitely see you sticking around to the end.

With them in the end, is my two favorite bombshell beauty's Melissa and Shawn. Both teams dominated this competition, and while Shawn received the only scores of perfect 10's tonight, Melissa was able to jump to the top of the leader board with the extra 10 points she earned from the "swing off" (theirs that play on words I was talking about) in tonight's group competition. I loved Melissa and Tony's dance, and her costume was to die for. She performed the Tango and Cha cha, and while she was concerned about leading with her toe and then leading with her foot, I thought she performed flawlessly, had a smooth transition between the two, and showed off her personality through the entire routine.

While Shawn struggled with a partner change up due to Derek's injury, she never let it affect her concentration, and was able to get a perfect score performing with a partner she hadn't danced with in years. THAT my friend is proof of ability. While my heart is sad for Derrick to be out of the competition for a while, I loved seeing Mark back in the game, and think either way Shawn has a real chance at taking him the mirror ball.

And lost in the shadows for me this week, was Emmett and Gilles. Shocking to me, because I predicted he always does his best in those "matchy match" suits, and while he was rocking the head to toe pink, his dance had me bored, and confused. I've got to give props to Cheryl for her choreography, and although she did her best to spice up the dance with her own performance, it wasn't deniable that Emmitt was stiff and his steps were off. He scored a 27.5 which was quite shocking because I personally didn't think this was one of tonight's better performances, but then again I'm sitting at home on my couch judging them based off no experience or credibility, so I'll trust the judges on this one and hope my guy sticks around a bit longer.

Gilles, scoring a bit higher with a 28.5, I was still SO bored with this performance. He danced great, never missed a step, and as always we got to see that amazing body of his (there seems to be no modesty in this competition whatsoever, but I'm ok with that) but it was missing that "Gille factor" which is almost like a "wow factor", but better. I expect to see that return for next week or I may shed a tear. Or twenty. This beautiful piece of artwork (Gilles) is what makes my Monday nights, and I will be devastated if he gets sent home.

As week seven ends and we prepare to head in to week eight, we are taking a night off from the eliminations for the presidential election. And what is our important role in all of this? Voting of course! Vote for your favorites,your favorite dancer, and your favorite candidate.

Your opinion matters, and while you are standing in line or on your phone texting in votes please also remembers all of the people that have been affected by hurricane Sandy. Many of our professional dancers are from that area and have family still there, as well as the thousands of people who are trying to get through this devastating time.

Until next time...

I am writing this blog as the winner of WATE's Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Super Blogger Contest. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the opinions of WATE, ABC, Dancing with the Stars or any related persons.

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