Nine is fine, but only six will he pick

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Nine is fine, but only six will he pick

Sean invites his dates to strip down to their swimsuits and jump into the near-freezing waters of the lake in a spine-chilling polar bear plunge. (source: ABC/David Gray) Sean invites his dates to strip down to their swimsuits and jump into the near-freezing waters of the lake in a spine-chilling polar bear plunge. (source: ABC/David Gray)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

As we enter part two of this week's two-night event, we leave the gorgeous scenery of Montana, as well as the United States. We head to a winter wonderland, also known as Canada, eh?

Only nine girls remain, and this time we are faced with two one-on-one dates and a group date. Anticipating the two one-on-one dates would be Catherine, our "Hawaiian tropic beauty," and Daniella, our "in serious need of a makeover troll." Both have yet to be picked for this type of outing.

As the first date card arrives, we see Catherine's name scrawled across it. She is swooped out of the comforts of the warm villa they now reside in and planted awkwardly in a semi-blizzard while she waits for Sean to pull up in a massive bus on snow tires.

While their date was less than entertaining, their evening was even more of a drag. She pathetically laughs at everything he says, and let's be honest, humor is not one of Sean's strong points. They end the evening fireside with deep heartfelt conversations, where she randomly tells him the story about watching her friend who was walking in front of her die from a tree falling over.

Pull back those Go-Go Gadget arms, honey, because you are clearly reaching. Out of pity, he awards her a rose at the end of the night, but I can bet my bottom dollar she won't be around another week.

Next we approach the group date, where Daniella has unfortunately been placed and she is none too happy about it. Joining Sean on this wild and wet adventure are Sarah (who they AGAIN put the one arm girl in a physical activity, rowing a canoe!), AshLee (my favorite), Leslee (debatable on whether she is straight or not), Tierra (read: psycho), Selma (10 pounds of make-up with 25 pounds of boobage), and Daniella (white trash Wendy).

They divide in to three separate canoes, with Lindsay conveniently making her way into Sean's. They then paddle out to a spot where they are informed they will now attempt the "polar bear plunge."

As Selma declines this "once in a lifetime offer," which Sean later states he is going to do tomorrow again if anyone wants to join, the other six girls undress down to itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikinis and jump into freezing water.

While five of the girls and Sean seem to survive just fine, Drama Queen Tierra resumes her reign once again and begins the gasping for air, reaching at everyone like a crazed maniac, and shivering like a fool until the paramedics wrap her in tin foil and carry her to a heated car.

Fast forward to her lounging in bed with an oxygen tube, sausage looking toes, and going fat-kid on a sandwich, and you can see why she isn't the favorite this season.

As the girls sneak their time alone with Sean, Sarah takes the opportunity to bring out the baby album and scare Sean off with pictures of her growing up, and the family she so desperately wants him to meet. This however had him pulling her out of the room later in the show, rather than nicely waiting till the rose ceremony, so she could at least enjoy two more days of vacation and sending her home on the spot. Not nice.

The date ends with the girls going out to what everyone refers to as a "party." Tierra shows up again unannounced, but surprisingly, Lesley is given the rose. That leaves Daniella in tears and Princess Pouts a lot (Tierra) whining to the camera about "everything she's been through." She needs to go through a knuckle sandwich.

The last one-on-one date card goes to Desiree (aka Katie Holmes) and they go on a romantic hike on a mountain, have a picnic, and again end with a fireside chat. This girl is cute as a button, but lets' be real. She has NO interest in Sean. She has definitely handed out the friend card, and as opposed to the other girls who swoon on his every word, laugh when he attempts a joke, and hangs on him in uncomfortable positions as an attempt to get close, she keeps her distance. She gives average responses and rarely laughs with him -- more at him.

After hearing her life story of living in a tent and residing at a trailer park, I see this girl playing the game for the sole purpose of a hot shower and a four-course meal. Why not? Natty light and Ramen noodles can only fill you so much. Fish and white wine on the other hand... You get what I'm saying.

As the rose ceremony approaches, we see Selma play the slut card, with her boobs half out while claiming a kiss on national television would kill her mother. Yet the love for her mother is trumped by the love for fame. Sean. Fam.

She gives in to the pressure and lip locks with Sean. Well, he probably lip slid because girlfriend wears an entire tube of lip gloss. It kinda makes you wonder how many whales had to die just for her.

But as hopeful (read: desperate) as she was, she was not rewarded for this little act. She was denied a rose at the end of the night. Hope your mama is proud!

In addition, White Trash Wendy (Daniella) was also denied a rose and was sent home in a horribly ugly outfit with tears flowing and questioning "why?"

Girl, watch the show. You'll see why.

Down to only six girls now, we once again see Tierra dishing the drama, tapping into the tears, and being a B to the I-T-C-H. At this point, it's getting old.

Previews let us believe-hope, pray, wish, that Sean sees through this, but it's highly doubtful. I predict Catherine and Lesley to be the next to go home, with Lindsay following shortly after.

Tierra will make it to the end just because she creates the most drama, but you can completely tell girl will SWELL UP when she gets prego, so she is not quite wifey material.

AshLee will come in second place, but clearly should win because she's the prettiest and the most sincere.

Little Katie Holmes (Desiree) will win Sean over when he visits the trailer park she grew up in, but will leave him hanging at the makeshift alter because the all-expense paid vacation with four-star hotels and restaurants is over. She has no real interest in Sean, let alone being engaged to him.

Just my prediction, but we shall see. Until next time!

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