THP trooper suspended for inaccurate police report

THP trooper suspended for inaccurate police report

Trooper Toby Cameron (Source: THP) Trooper Toby Cameron (Source: THP)

6 News Reporter

RUTLEDGE (WATE) - A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was suspended without pay after an internal investigation found he filed incorrect information in a police report.

Trooper Michael Toby Cameron was suspended for making the inaccurate police report with the Rutledge Police Department in December of 2012.

According to the internal investigation, Cameron gave a false account of a stalking incident during that time.

Cameron said that a man pulled up around ten feet away from his patrol car in a Rutledge parking lot, blocking his way out.

Cameron also said the man angrily stared at him, making him fear for his safety.

But the internal investigation showed that surveillance video in the parking lot disproves Cameron's original statements.

Another trooper on duty that night also said Cameron's story was incorrect.

When confronted with the video, Cameron admitted that his story didn't match the tape but told investigators that he was just mistaken and didn't intentionally give false information.

The disciplinary report finds that whether it was intentional or accident, Cameron's accidents may have violated state law.

Cameron was suspended from Feb 3 to Feb 9.

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