4 girls with a hometown date; Only 3 get a rose

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4 girls with a hometown date; Only 3 get a rose, who won't be his mate?

Sean Lowe (source: ABC Television/ The Bachelor) Sean Lowe (source: ABC Television/ The Bachelor)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

As we near the end of this season's The Bachelor, we find ourselves watching Sean travel across the country to visit the remaining four girls' hometowns and families. I've got to say, without Tierra and her antics, the entertainment value of this episode severely dropped.

As US Weekly has reported, though, Ms. Pouty Face McGhee is set herself to be a bride. She is apparently engaged to a prior boy-toy who had plans of tracking her down on the show anyway to win her back. Lucky for him, she was sent packing and he popped the question before he got a chance to watch her psycho ways on national television.

He will now forever be known as the guy who is marrying the crazy girl. High fives to you, my friend.

We start off with Sean visiting AshLee and meeting her adoptive parents. He touches on the topic of her earlier marriage and we find out that Papa Dukes himself signed off on the marriage as a way of ensuring he wouldn't lose his daughter when she turned 18.

I'm not sure succumbing to the pressure of your teenage daughter is up there on the list of "how to" parenting tactics.

He also gave his blessing to Sean "if" he decides to propose to AshLee in the end, so clearly his second job is being a doormat.

Next, Sean visits Catherine and her TV fame-seeking sisters. They clearly were after some on-air time by attempting to scare him off by describing her messiness and selfishness. They also told him about her ability to move on to the next person at a drop of a hat if she doesn't get her way.

Her mom seemed to approve, so while he left there with doubts about her life path, he still left holding tight to their strange and unique bond.

Sean the heads to an Army post where Lindsey did her best to act cute and tough while giving random drill orders. Sean fulfilled them on an awkward slab of concrete.

After "passing the test" he headed back to her house where her father, the General, awaited to meet him.

Her parents are cute as can be and seem as eager to see her and hear about the process as she seemed to be involved in it.

Looking back now I think she might not have been quite the "wedding dress whacko" I had once thought she was. She is more of a "wedding dress weirdo." The is much nicer, but I'm still not giving her credit for being totally sane.

Sean again asks for the blessing if a proposal was in the future, and this time he received it. Even though she isn't a favorite of mine, I do think she's starting to be a favorite of Sean's.

Lastly we see him visit Desiree's house, which I was kind of bummed didn't turn out to be a tent like she told us she had once lived in. After a few minutes of chatting, a knock on the door came with a random guy proclaiming his love for Des and trying to pick a fight with Sean. That leads Sean and the viewers to believe her strange ex-boyfriend was there to win her back. It also let producers have their pickings of teasers to use leading up to this episode.

While this guy turned out to be an actor as a revenge-type joke for Sean, who many weeks ago set Desiree up to think she had broken an expensive piece of art, her brother and his bad attitude did not turn out to be a joke.

To be honest, he pretty much said everything that I and most viewers would think: Desiree is clearly more into him than he is to her. He has three other girls waiting for him, so he is basically just having fun with this. He is more of a playboy type than a serious type.

Honestly, if you go on a reality show that has a reputation for almost zero relationships working out, you clearly are there for the fun and fame of the whole thing. Unfortunately for Des, though, Sean didn't take her bro's statements lightly. They seriously weighed on him during the next few days. Or maybe it was weeks. I seem to lose track of time watching this show.

Once they have all magically returned back to the Bachelor mansion, the rose ceremony begins.

Des makes one last plea to Sean to ignore her brother's rudeness and look past all of his blatant honesty. Looking stressed and anxious, Sean turns to our favorite orange oompa-loompa Chris Harrison for advice.

Chris's words of wisdom? "Take your time, but don't get it wrong." Thanks for that pep talk Chris, apparently due to your recent divorce, I can see how getting it wrong now might not be fun down the road.

Needless to say, the lack of appeal in having Desiree's trashy brother Nate as his future brother-in-law had him sending her packing and keeping Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsey around another week.

Desiree's good-bye was nothing short of begging for him to reconsider, so as awkward as it was to watch, I can't imagine how awkward it was to be there.

Part two airs Tuesday night in a "Sean tells all" interview. In it we find out why he sent home America's favorite bachelorette and if he regrets it. Previews lead me to think they are referring to Sarah, the one-armed bandit who was nice, but I definitely wouldn't consider her as the favorite.

We also watch his reaction as the realization of Tierra as her drama-filled explosions and meltdowns sink in. Thanks to another teaser from US Weekly we find out exactly how the relationship and the fantasy suites all went down, with Sean "saving himself for marriage."

Yep friends, the reports are saying he is abstinent. While I'm not sure if that's just a recent thing or if he truly is a deep-down virgin, but I would think exploiting your love life by dating AND kissing nearly 20 girls at one time would put a damper on those values, no?

So I'm curious to see if he was able to maintain self-control and stay "true" to who he is, or if the immaculate hotel rooms with candles and champagne were too much to deny. We shall see!

Until next time...

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