Sean tells all; Or nothing

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Sean tells all; Or nothing

Sean Lowe (source: ABC/Francisco Roman) Sean Lowe (source: ABC/Francisco Roman)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

In last night's episode of this week's two part special, Sean Lowe had a sit down chat with Chris Harrison, in what they referred to as a "tell all."

Honestly? It was more of a recap, with a little decision-defending and slight behind-the-scenes footage. We relived some of the memorable goodbyes and Sean's attempts to justify his reasoning for sending each girl packing.

We started with a flashback to Desiree (little Katie Holmes replica), where he told us that her brother was a definite game changer and pretty much ruined her chance at love. I personally would have loved to get a preview of the family I married into and see what whacky tendencies were headed my way. Unlike scripted on-air reality TV, I didn't. Sean, however, was not at all in brother Nate's fan club, and let that sway his decision in sending Des home. I bet they are having a FUN family dinner tonight.

We then revisited our favorite one-armed beauty, Sarah. Chris Harrison took this opportunity to address the viewers regarding the massive amount of hate mail the show received for placing her on almost EVERY physical date there was. Chris clarified that "she actually enjoyed the challenge." Um, what is she going to say? Of course she's going to be nice about it, but if I had one arm, I'd want a challenge I could own, like dart throwing or ping pong or cake eating. Zip lining, canoeing and roller derby? Not so much.

Leslie's dates were next to grace the screen, where we saw the comical side of their relationship that was not shown on camera. We also saw some disturbing techniques in brownie eating. Sean hinted his reason for sending Leslie home was because she didn't tell him she loved him. He felt that any awkwardness should have been gone by the time they were in Montana. Clearly being around someone for maybe* the tenth time with an entourage of cameras and crew is something one easily adjusts to?

Along with Leslie heading home for lack of affection was Selma and her boobs. She played the "I'm not going to kiss you" game to try and be a challenge. We see that got her sent home early on. Lindsey, who wore a wedding dress and gave him a big wet smooch the moment she met him, is now in the final three.

Lastly, we found out that Sean really has joined the rest of the world in thinking Tierra is a nut job. He stated that someone like her should never be on this type of show. We found out that several of the arguments we were fortunate enough to only have to endure for 2-3 minutes, actually lasted HOURS. HOURS? Really? They never mentioned her current engagement, however. Chances are this was taped before news broke of the destined to fail courtship that lies ahead for her.

Next week we travel off with Sean and his last three ladies: Lindsey, Catherine, and AshLee, where they get some serious one-on-one time with him. The get a chance in the fantasy suite where they shack up for an over-nighter without cameras or strange men looming nearby. When asked by Mr. Nosey Pants Chris Harrison about how far things went, Sean decided to "keep it gentlemanly" and stay mum on the subject. Saying nothing, is pretty close to admitting the dirty deed was done in my opinion.

Only a few more episodes left until we find out who the lucky recipient of a GORGEOUS Neil Lane diamond is. Who will it be?

Until next time...

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