The final three get swept away; One goes and two stay

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The final three get swept away; One goes and two stay

Sean Lowe (source: ABC Television/Dave Hagerman) Sean Lowe (source: ABC Television/Dave Hagerman)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

As the end nears for this season's The Bachelor, we find our blonde hair, blue-eyed stud Sean Lowe venturing off with three amazing girls to vacation in Thailand.

AshLee, Catherine, and Lindsey are all that remain from this roller coaster ride of emotions. During these dates each girl is given the option to forego their individual suite and spend the night with Sean in the "fantasy suite," sans camera, crew, and a national audience.

Lindsey is our first to receive her one-on-one date with Sean. In comparison to the other girls' dates, all of the funding was obviously spent on her. She traveled with Sean to the market place, where they purchased clothes, snacked on goodies, and sampled on bugs. Yes folks, this date turned in to a mini "Fear Factor" episode when Sean convinced Lindsey to munch on some roaches and grasshoppers. Barf.

After their day of spending money that wasn't theirs (isn't that ALWAYS the best?) they headed to a romantic dinner surrounded by elaborately decorated boats that was lit up in an extravagant light show-esque manner. Grass is covered in flowers created from actual rose petals all around them.

Midway through their intimate convo and minutes before Lindsey let the "L" word drop, random dancers with crazy long fingernails came out to music and awkwardly danced around them.

No worries though, as the fantasy date card arrived, she revealed her feelings to Sean and they giddy-upped back to the hotel where they spent the night "bonding."

Next up was AshLee, who was taken on a boat to a tiny crevice in a mountain and told in order to get to their private island they must swim through that crevice, through a pitch black cave, to the other side.

Sean used this adventure to test AshLee's ability to trust him, though he clearly knew nothing of the area or cave swimming. AshLee used this adventure to once AGAIN inform us of her trust issues and her abandonment.

I don't want to take anything from her life experiences because I'm sure they were devastating, but seriously, that's all we've heard about.

We met your awesome new parents, so maybe stop letting them seem inadequate as you wallow in what your birth parents did, or failed to do, and give some credit to the couple who took you in and actually showed you values, morals, and love.

Needless to say, her intenseness, and neediness really gave insight into what lay ahead if she was to accept any type of proposal.

And lastly, Catherine is taken on what is probably the most boring date of them all. Honestly, I'm not really sure what they did other than use the adjective "weird" to describe her a bajillion times (which someone needs to tell her that's not such a good descriptive word to use about yourself for a potential mate) and backflip off a boat in a horribly mismatched bikini.

She expressed how people once made fun of her for her love of eating and her chunkiness, but honestly I think maybe they were just trying to get her to change up her beachwear attire?

She, as well told Sean she loved him, in which he smiled back and seemed to have won some sort of internal challenge where he gets each girl to say that four letter word that the majority of the time would scare someone away, without having to respond or say it back.

As each girl made clear in the worry of their reputation, clarified that the overnight sleepover would just be them "talking." Right.

With all three girls having an entire night alone with Sean, all three sharing the love for him and enough make out sessions to last a lifetime, it was time for the final rose ceremony.

Without a doubt Sean chose Lindsey, who I think will finish this thing out. Although he hesitated for a few between Catherine and AshLee, it was AshLee who was sent packing. Her demeanor immediately went cold. Without so much as a goodbye to the other girls, she walked away telling Sean to stay back. She cried the entire limo ride home as we listened and admired the split end-free back of her head. Girls got great hair.

Next week is one of my favorite episodes of the show to air, when the girls come back and tell it all. We get to see behind the scene footage, breakdowns, and more confrontations, as well as troublemaker McGee Tierra returns to face the women.

Two weeks from now we see the both Catherine and Lindsey meet Sean's parents, as his mom has an emotional meltdown over his eagerness to propose to one of them. In conclusion, we were left wondering about the letter Sean is seen reading at the makeshift altar, and guessing which girl could have possibly called it quits before making a nationally televised commitment.

I'm guessing Catherine backed out, went searching for her bestie Leslie, and will be on a new more "modernized" version of the Bachelorette. Lindsey by default will be pulling out that wedding dress she wore on day one and receiving a proposal, a commitment, and a hell of an endorsement deal.

Until next time...

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