Women tell all: The girls return, and Sean gets called out

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Women tell all: The girls return, and Sean gets called out

AshLee, Desiree, Lesley M., Tierra, Selma, Sarah, and Kacie B. return to confront each other and Sean one last time. (source: ABC Television/Rick Rowell) AshLee, Desiree, Lesley M., Tierra, Selma, Sarah, and Kacie B. return to confront each other and Sean one last time. (source: ABC Television/Rick Rowell)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

On last night's Women Tell All, each of the gals that had been sent home packing returned to the stage to chat about their experience and their agreed upon hatred of Tierra, her eyebrow, and her sparkle.

While 24 girls made an appearance last night, I've got to be honest that there were a good four or five that I didn't remember at all. Other than a quick camera shot of them sitting and watching, with a few eye rolls here and there, most of them never even got a chance to talk.

Chris Harrison spoke with Desiree and Sarah, who were BOTH deemed as "Americas favorite."

We learned that Sarah is a stage 5 clinger, and Sean had good reason to send her home. She shed some tears and gave us the "why" whine, with the fallback reason being the nub of an arm while making everyone in the room awkward and fake tear up.

Desiree admitted she wasn't thrilled with her brother and his hot shot antics. I was more concerned with where her bangs went. I LOVED her bangs. She was uber cute with them, and they are something not everyone can pull off.

Tierra, who never joined the other girls up on stage, had her turn in the hot seat where she reaffirmed to America that she really is a whack job. She explained her sparkle, which did nothing but up her "crazy." We learned that her eyebrow not only has its own Twitter account, but is possibly in the running to be the next Bachelorette. Kidding!

She admitted that she wasn't sorry for anything she's done, and rattled on about how awesome she is when she walks in a room. I couldn't stop watching the eyebrow though. That thing has a mind of its own. It's up, it's down. Wow. Her bling occupying her ring finger was brought up by Chris Harrison. While she tried to keep her January engagement a secret, yet miserably failed, she let us know that she got a "really good man" this time.

Let's just hope he knows what he's in for. If anything, that massive ring from Claire's Boutique was more about sparkle and less about "carat," so he may just be a perfect match for her.

Lastly, AshLee was brought in to the hot seat, with her extra-long slightly blonde ombre hair swaying to and fro. Clearly, she was still bitter. We saw a nasty little side of her that made her seem like she was about to become a member of Tierra's crazy club.

During this time, Sean Lowe himself was brought to the stage, where she was given the chance to confront him. BOY did she! She threw out there how he told her he had no feelings for the other girls, and he was none too thrilled about that little comment.

Knowing his current fiancé is at home watching, you could feel the apprehension in everything he said and did, trying to prevent a future fight from his future ex, while listening to AshLee complain about how he should have at least checked on her after he sent her home.

Um, you got sent home. You got dumped. You got a 2013 "reality tv" break-up. You DO NOT get called!

She however, was out for blood with her chance to throw him under the bus, and refused to give up on each and everything he did wrong. No kidding, she was cray-cray last night.

So after two hours and only four of the girls having their moment to "tell it all" we ended the show with less closure than was there to begin with. There was more animosity towards Tierra, and assurance that reality TV is a stellar self-esteem booster. I feel so normal after watching!

Next week's three hour finale takes us back to Sean reading the letter from "author unknown" and we find out whether he picks Catherine, the Hawaiian tropic beauty, or Lindsey, the wedding dress whacko.

My money is on Lindsey. While they didn't announce who next season's Bachelorette is going to be, I'm going to throw it out there that I think Des will be the pick. Can you imagine how her brother will act when he meets multiple potential suitors for his sis?

I see Bachelor meets Cops meets Honey Boo Boo all in one. Stay tuned.

Until next time...

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