Till death do them part, or a simple change of heart

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Till death do them part, or a simple change of heart

Chris Harrison sends Catherine Guidici over the bridge to meet Sean. (source: ABC Television/Dave Hagerman) Chris Harrison sends Catherine Guidici over the bridge to meet Sean. (source: ABC Television/Dave Hagerman)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelor Blogger

Unbuckle those seatbelts, dry those tears, and step off the ride. The Bachelor has left the building.

After watching Sean sort through 25 different women, and America witnessing the Good, the Bad, and the Tierra, we (he) finally had it narrowed down to two ladies both vying to be the future Mrs. Lowe.

As the happy threesome spent some time in gorgeous Thailand, a little bit of spoiler alerts helped to solidify who he was going to pick at the end. His actions, affections, and words swayed towards one girl in particular.

While I loved to watch his interactions with Lindsey, there was no denying he had much stronger feelings for Catherine. The elongated goodbyes, the off-microphone whispers, and the painfully long make-out sessions proved those subtle hints to be indicators in the end.

Lindsey confidently vowed that as she waited to descend on the long walk towards Sean, that this would be the moment she was going to be getting engaged. Unfortunately though, she jinxed herself as she stood awkwardly staring in to Sean's eyes, as he gave her the "it's nothing you've done" speech and sent her on her way.

It seems the only thing she did engage in, was a small battle with the rock path she was walking on, until she kicked off those heels and headed home.

Before we could see Catherine make her way to the alter though, Chris Harrison interrupted the show with the dreaded letter that we've seen previewed after every episode to date, which was quickly followed by the longest commercial break ever.

Once the show resumed and Sean began to read the letter aloud, we were almost led to believe that Catherine had high-tailed it out of there (in my mind gone on her own venture to get some action with Leslie) and left Sean alone at the altar. That would have actually made it the most shocking season ever.

However, the letter was merely a love note proclaiming her feelings for Sean and a pawn in the game that plays with viewer's emotions. Once she arrived at the altar and he began his speech, the heavy breaths started and she actually looked like she might pass out. Her nostrils started to flair, making Tierra's eyebrow have a partner in crime in the "crazy facial expression" club. Her tiny little tan hands began to quiver. Bending down on one knee, he popped the question with the most magnificent ring I've ever seen. She of course said yes.

Fast forward to the After the Rose special. Sean was faced with Lindsey and more of her "why" questions, which he still didn't have an answer to, yet. She still tried to reword in any way possible.

Just an FYI, when the fiancé is standing backstage watching, chances are you aren't going to get much out of the guy that is mentally preparing for all of society to find any weakness in his new relationship and "out" him in every possible way. Just give it up; it could be because you wore a wedding dress. It could be because you aren't tan. It could be because you ate bugs and he secretly finds that disgusting, even though he asked you to do it. It could be ANYTHING.

Catherine soon after joined the stage, and for a couple "so in love," I didn't see any of that magical chemistry flowing, nor did I see him ever kiss her head, put his arm around her, or her lean in to him like they did on the show.

They did however vocalize their commitment by giving us some "breaking news" that their wedding will be televised. Gasp! Do we hear dollar signs??. The wedding will be in the near future.

Our favorite oompa-loompa Chris Harrison told them not only is he ordained, but challenged Sean's lackadaisical approach to preferring a courthouse over a ceremony, with the offer to marry them right there on the spot.

Looking stunned and speechless (for once) both parties declined this offer, due to avoidance of upsetting their families from missing out on the fun. If they make it to the alter, I'll be interested to see how much time her sisters can manage to throw themselves in front of the camera for some on-air desperate tv-wanna be fame, and if they go as far as "objecting" to the union.

In addition, we learned that one of my favorites, mini Katie Holmes, Desiree is the new Bachelorette. Although I still miss her bangs terribly, I am SO excited to see her season and the 25 men she gets to sort through and tamper with their emotions. How will big brother handle multiple "playboys" going after his sister, and will he yet again ruin her chance at love? Only time will tell.

Until next time...

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