Week three is here and we've got tears!

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Week three is here and we've got tears!

One hero-in-training steals Desiree's heart with his fancy roping and stuntman skills. (source: ABC Television//Rick Rowell) One hero-in-training steals Desiree's heart with his fancy roping and stuntman skills. (source: ABC Television//Rick Rowell)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelorette Blogger

Blood, sweat, and a crazy ex-girlfriend! Week three of this season's The Bachelorette was nothing short of entertaining and crazy.

We watched 16 grown men wear the most horribly coordinated outfits; awkwardly short shorts, knee high socks, and tank tops tucked in. I began questioning if 1973 had made an appearance.

Playing the super popular pastime game of dodgeball (insert sarcasm), the guys were divided into two teams and pummeled balls at each other for a chance alone with Des.

Obviously, since this is such a high contact sport (again, insert sarcasm) we had blood and an ER visit, with oxygen and painful moaning for... a cut finger. Yes friends, manly man Brooks, or who I like to call "Bad Hair McGhee," suffered a critical finger cut.

Don't fret though! Desiree decided they were all "winners," so he was able to join the group date later that night sporting none other than his creepy dodgeball uniform and his signature bad locks.

Not to deter the drama from Brooks, Brad felt it was time to break some important news to Desiree, that he too had a kid.

Well, you've got 25 guys coming to date you who aren't married. Chances are half of them have procreated and come with a slew of baggage.

Too bad Ben beat you to the cuteness award by bringing his little man Brody to the meet and greet the first night. Darn!

Pulling Desiree aside later that night, Chris gave insight as to what each serial killer character in a Lifetime movie is based off. Taking her away from the crowd to a secret spot, he brought Desiree to the roof where I seriously questioned where the show was headed. Loving to hear himself talk, he sealed reassurance from Desiree while actually telling her why he was so awesome. Feeling probably as freaked by him as I was, she gave him the rose, which I'm banking was more for her safety and security rather than her fondness of him.

As the group date ended, "Hashtag McGhee" Kacey (I really like nicknames) was given the one-on-one date card, He was none other than beside himself. Hashtag stoked.

Unfortunately for him, a damper was put on his date when Chris Harrison, acting super concerned but secretly loving the guaranteed drama about to unfold and boost his ratings, came walking in pulling Desiree and Brian outside to chat.

Moments later, another girl makes her way through the house. In my opinion, large forehead/pink short-wearing Brian is nothing special, so she should have just stayed and mingled with the men in the house. But this girl, Samantha, makes her way out to Des, Brian, and Chris, and from there we see forced tears and high-pitched dramatics as we find out this little lady is confusingly his girlfriend or his ex-girlfriend, who he had relations with all the way up to the day prior of filming, and to whom he coincidentally forgot to tell he was going on a dating show.

Clearly all this drama wasn't worth anyone's time. Des sent him packing on the spot.

Poor Kacey, though, he received a rose, but it was evident her mood had drastically changed and her confidence in the process was dwindling.

After hitting the climax of the show with the ex-girlfriend drama, we watched Des go on another awkward group date where the guys dressed like western gunslingers. She pretended to be hardcore.

Brandon felt it was necessary to pull her aside and bring up his abandonment issues. There was no shortage of tears coming from him as he spoke. This guy has cried more in the first three episodes than all the other guys in every season combined!

What does one do with an unstable guy who is fearful of abandonment and not afraid to cry in public? Why she sends him home at the rose ceremony! That's right, after spilling his guts and wearing his feelings on his sleeve, heck on his entire outfit, Des made the right decision to cut ties now and get him far away.

Crying his entire way out and punching at the air, we heard his pitiful pleas about yet again someone leaving him. I was seriously waiting for him to start punching himself in the face.

High fives, girlfriend. You dodged a bullet.

Leaving with him, but clearly missing the spotlight, was Dan, who's only memorable moment in my head was walking around with split pants. At least he kept his dignity as he exited the house.

Next week the bunch is headed to Atlantic City, where they compete in the "Mr. Bachelorette" competition. We see anger and heated tempers geared toward Ben.

I personally love Ben and think he's here until the end. Definitely not here for the right reasons and most likely a dirt bag, but I enjoy watching him.

Until next time...

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