Eleven is heaven, but three must be let free

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Eleven is heaven, but three must be let free

Desiree enjoys a snow-covered date with Drew in the Alps. (Source: ABC/Nick Ray) Desiree enjoys a snow-covered date with Drew in the Alps. (Source: ABC/Nick Ray)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelorette Blogger

It's time for Desiree and her slew of eligible bachelors to leave not only Atlantic City, but also the United States and make their way over to Munich, Germany! 

If their layered looks and fashionable headwear indicated the chilly temps in Jersey, they better buckle up, hold on, and bring on the winter willies because Germany looked anything but hot and steamy. 

With that awkward bunch of adolescent acting, baggage toting, drama starting pick of guys, getting cozy is that last thing I think she should want to do, and girlfriend makes some smart moves and some not-so-smart moves during the handing out of the roses.

The first one-on-one date of the week was Chris, where they tried on traditional German attire, attempted to speak the language, and got the strangest looks from passers by who had to be thinking "them Americans is cray-cray."

That would be an accurate thought based off this week's episode. Way to represent USA.

Bryden felt after the tumultuous flight overseas and the hassle of getting passports and baggage, that he would decide now was the time to bid farewell.

If you were going to remove yourself from the game, wouldn't common sense have taught you to do so before making the journey?  Do you not have any ounce of fun in you that says, "Stay and enjoy the drinks food and free travel"? Seriously. 

Even though Chris and Desiree couldn't find their way around town, the Army man himself decided to head out solo and track down the couple to deal with his emotional issues ASAP.

As Des and Chris giddily danced around the square, by themselves I might add, the camera panned back and forth through the crowd showing this extremely tall solemn looking face staring them down, making everyone uncomfortable and giving Bryden his new nickname of Creeper. 

Pulling Desiree aside, he informed her that he wasn't in it for the long haul and it was time to go home. Way to put a damper on their date, dude. 

Attempting to return to the fun state they were in, Chris and Des instead spent the entire night having "girl talk" with a lot of "oh my Gods" and "I can't believe he just did that", landing Chris a permanent spot in the friend zone. 

He may have received a rose at the end of the evening, but it's not shocking that every pretty girl needs her geeky sidekick friend to listen to her complain, hold her hair back, and paint her nails. High fives to you Chris. Welcome to your new position.

Being sent on the two-on-one date was Ben and Michael, and I'm not sure what she was thinking. I am completely Team Ben. Yes he's trouble, comes with a son and a questionable "friend" back home who he may or may not have relations with. But still, out of the 25 guys she was given, he was the only one with potential in the looks department.

Instead, she chose to keep Michael, who seems like such a shady little sleaze who talks funny and spends more time calculating and manipulating in attempts to "expose" everyone else, and has done nothing up to date to impress me. I am so disappointed in her choice. 

I'm also starting to question whether or not she has a thing for guys with greasy long hair, because he and Brooks are my least favorite and seem to be getting the most tongue action from our little Bachelorette this season.

But don't confuse the "most tongue action" with "no tongue action." Desiree has a VERY busy mouth and makes no attempt to remain humble or conservative on any of these dates. I really hope they have random bowls of mints lying around like they do bottles of alcohol.

As the group date with the remaining men ended and the rose ceremony approached, we saw anger flair towards James in regards to his rumored goal of being the next Bachelor. Let's be honest, that is what everyone who comes on this show is secretly hoping for.

But attempts to expose him backfired, and Desiree ended up skipping the cocktail party altogether, and sent Mikey packing his bags. 

So, as we say goodbye to Bryden, Ben, and Mikey T. we are left with Zak, Chris, James, Brooks, Michael, Drew, Kacey, and Juan Pablo, and we take those remaining eight men and pack our bags to head to Barcelona where we see lots of making out, cuddling, and some tears shed from James regarding get caught up on his secret agenda and mischievous plot.

Until next time!

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