Pack your bags men, we are headed to Barcelona, Spain!

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Pack your bags men, we are headed to Barcelona, Spain!

Desiree invites six of the men to a soccer game. (source: ABC Television/Nick Ray) Desiree invites six of the men to a soccer game. (source: ABC Television/Nick Ray)

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelorette Blogger

Immediately upon landing in Spain, not only do we get to hear Chris Harrison try his hand at yet another language, we also see drama unfold between James and the other men.

Apparently a not-so-secretive conversation regarding the benefits of making it to the Final Four was overheard by several of the other guys. This was a firework waiting to explode out of the mouths of several of the gossip-spreading 12-year-old girls. Or grown men. However you prefer to look at it.

Putting that little piece of info on hold, Drew was given the first one-on-one date with Desiree. He wasted no time ensuring she hadn't settled those kissing lips down, and went right in for the big fat smooch.

Girlfriend has now pretty much kissed every guy on the show. High fives.

As they explored the city and bonded over family issues and amazing food, I've got to give her credit for her incredible style. She has a fabulous wardrobe, and her scarf-plus-leather jacket combo saved the uncomfortable "daddy" chat Drew unloaded on her and America.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, this is NOT an intervention/therapy show, but boy do these guys feel the need to share their woes with everyone in such a watery way.

As the date goes on, we see much less talking and much more kissing in dark alleys. That's not creepy or awkward at all, and Desiree is definitely excited about her time with Drew. She gave him a rose without the slightest hesitation at the end of the date, and followed that by more making out.

But wait, now that he's secured the deal, he decides to drop the bomb on Desiree by telling her about the situation with James and the not-so-secretive conversation mentioned before.

Meanwhile, back at the house the guys are pow-wowing on their agreeable hatred towards James and his less-than-sincere approach towards the entire process. They also find out who gets to go on the group date and who is the lucky guy to go on the other one-on-one date.

Headed for the group date is Drama-starter Michael, Hopeful-bachelor James, Bad Hair Brooks, Hashtag  Kacey, Elf-on-the-shelf Zak, Cry Baby Chris, and Hottie Juan Pablo. (Do we sense a favorite?)

The group is headed to play football! Or what we in America call soccer.

Coming out with her own team, Desiree rocked a cute red uniform and brought out a crew of professional female soccer players who dominated the sport and beat the boys in an embarrassing way! Not even giving effort to the game, James drew attention to himself with his lack of attention to basically anything, including Desiree. She already doubted him before the date even began.

After being pulled to and fro by all of the other men trying to reassure their ego, Desiree was finally able to take James aside and have a sit down about all of the hearsay on his hopeful stint as next season's Bachelor.

Fully throwing Mikey under the bus, who is no longer there to defend himself, James skirted around the issue and faintly admitted that "if it didn't work out it would at least be a fall back." He adamantly denied being the conversation starter, however, and wouldn't say that as his main goal.

Turning on the water works and shifting the blame to her, he succeeded in getting her to fall for him, feel bad, and keep him around a tad longer.

You have some mad skills my friend. Wow. That clearly did not excite the other guys, as one can imagine!

Off to the final one-on-one date of the evening was Zak, who I ended up really liking. Had he only come on the show with his shirt on, he may have had a bit more of a solid reputation during these first five weeks.

He's slowly proving himself and winning me over as he makes his way up my list of favorites to a "till the end" nominee. Desiree clearly felt the same was, as he received a rose at the end of their date, with some lip action to top it off.

Finishing off the evening at the rose ceremony, we saw Des yet again deciding to forego the cocktail party. (What's up with that? That's the best part!) She hand out roses, leaving THREE men rose-less and heading home.

Who were those poor fellows? Hashtag Kacey, who came as a shock, Juan Pablo, who was a favorite and came as an even bigger shock, and Playboy James, who came as the biggest shock because they had JUST shown footage of him hugging Des and bonding on the stairs in what seemed like quite the cemented relationship way.

But off they go, and that leaves us with Michael, Brookes, Zak, Drew, and Chris who head off to the gorgeous sun, sand, and sea. We see Drew turns out to be a heartbreaker and makes her cry. It seems he is breaking up with her at the end. I'm putting money on her walking away solo at the end of this.

One question, though. I STILL haven't seen any previews for the hometown dates. And no one meets her brother Joey who had quite an impact (read: destruction) on her relationship with Sean?

Only time will tell. Until next time!

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