Hometown dates are here!

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Hometown dates are here!

By Jamie Fromberger
WATE's The Bachelorette Blogger

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Hometown dates are finally upon is! Now is the chance to see where these cooky guys get their looks and their quirks, and watch Desiree Hartstock have uncomfortable conversations with "possible" mother- and father-in-laws.

First up was our favorite elf-on-the-shelf Zak. I was slightly disappointed to see that he didn't actually come from the North Pole, though he did take Des in a sno-cone making mobile.

Rather than tiny elves working and making toys, he introduced her to tiny children screaming for said sno cones, that she had to make. That is NOT my idea of a fun date.

Following this middle school outing, Zak brought Des back to meet his family, who I have to give props to in the looks department. They were one gorgeous family with great personalities.

The downfall for them? Putting on a family performance of a song Zak wrote for her. I'm sorry, but if you sound like a cat dying, maybe let's not sing on national TV?

The date ended with Zak giving Des a family heirloom ring that was gorgeous, but was NOT Neil Diamond. Don't you know you let him foot the bill in this game?

Next up was Drew. During the episode someone sent me a picture of just how much he resembles Ken from Barbie and Ken, so guess what his new nickname is? You got it! Ken!

Donned out in a pink dress shirt, khaki shorts and Sperrys, Drew, AKA "Ken" has the pretty boy part down to a science. I have yet to figure him out though, because he seems too nice and too put together to be on a show like this.

Meeting his entire family, Des seemed smitten with him, and his family really seemed to take to her. Again, I think an investment should be made for a therapist on set, because there are some heavy emotions being floated around, but I'm starting to wonder if Desiree actually likes that?

Maybe it stems back to some sort of "mommy issue" for herself. Who knows!

Next up was Chris, who has GOT to invest in longer shorts. I was surprised to see we lasted about five minutes in to his date without poetry, but then BAM, his dad attempted to give this intellectual toast with a little bit of poetic romanticism. It was a big fail.

Someone needs to stop telling these guys they are good at this stuff. After that extremely awkward toast, Chris's dad felt it would be totally normal to adjust Desiree's back while trying to have a heart-to-heart with her. Not strange at all. (insert sarcasm).

With the family suffering slightly in the dental area, I think Chris may have faired better joining Ashley Herberts season, seeing as she was an aspiring dentist.

And last but not least was the man I have pegged to win this thing, based off her reaction and change of presence around him -- Bad Hair McGhee Brooks.

I've got to say, Brooks's family didn't seem as smitten with Desiree as the other families did, and I wonder if that is going to be an issue for them. I personally think these guys require their mother's approvals and "permission" a tad too much.

She might want to take note of that little trait, because that is insight in to future decisions that are made, that "mama-in-law" might have more of a say than she should.

Once the hometown dates ended, it was time for any class and etiquette Desiree had established for herself, to be tested when her big brother Nate made an appearance. Seeming proud of his reaction last season, he assured her he would be "kinder" to the fellas this time around. For some reason, I highly doubt that.

Ending the night with the rose ceremony, I was sad to see that Desiree chose to send Zak home, but so proud of him holding himself together in the limo ride home.

Keeping Drew, Chris, and Brooks another week, we take a small hiatus from the dates to meet back up with all the bachelors who have been sent home over the past few weeks. Some of our favorites like Ben the "playboy" and Jonathon the "fantasy-suite-guy" will resurface.

Some of our not-so favorites like James the "wannabe-bachelor" and Michael the "drama-starter" will all be put together in a room to confront the drama and the rumors from this season.

Will there be punches thrown? Tears shed? What ever happened to the guy who's girlfriend decided to ruin his chance? We will see next week!

Until next time!

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