Shoppers swarm Turkey Creek for after-Christmas deals and return

Shoppers swarm Turkey Creek for after-Christmas deals and returns

Shoppers wait in lines at stores in Turkey Creek to make returns on their unwanted gifts Shoppers wait in lines at stores in Turkey Creek to make returns on their unwanted gifts

6 News Reporter

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - If you didn't find everything you wanted underneath the tree, you are not alone.

Fortunately, several stores are bringing out some of the best deals of the year to draw in post-Christmas crowds.

There was no shortage of people shopping at Turkey Creek on December 26.

"Just looking around for some after Christmas deals," shopper Zach Readett said.

"I'll probably put in a good five hours today shopping," shopper Portia Jones said.

"My son has some gift cards he may want to use. We're just out killing the day. He's out of school, so having a good time," shopper Bryan Dameron said.

"I'm just out shopping today hoping to get some good deals after Christmas," Jones said

Target employee Mike Webb said there were plenty of deals going on, from Christmas decorations to electronics.

"We've also got a huge sale going on with a lot of the clothing in the store. Girls, boys, infants, men's, women's, everything. There's 50 percent off a lot of different things," Webb said.

Over at Best Buy, employee Flo Stallard says the popular items here are TV's, cameras and PlayStation 4s, which are now sold out.

"One other big seller of course this holiday season are the Beats. We've been selling a lot of those. Can't keep those in. People love the colors," Stallard said.

Even with the crowds, Jones says its been a good experience.

"Everyone is in a great mood today. No pushing, no shoving, so it's been a great day of shopping," Jones said.

The National Retail Federation predicts holiday season shopping sales, both in store and online, will rise 3.9 percent to more than $602 billion this year.

Meanwhile, others hit the stores to return unwanted gifts.

People like Bryan Dameron are packing stores at Turkey Creek today not just to shop, but also to return Christmas gifts.

"We are just returning a blue ray player. We got one and I'm sure they're just going to switch it out hopefully," Dameron said.

He said the lines in Target were moving fast.

"We just got here. We've been in line about five minutes so not long at all," Dameron said.

"We are staffed and ready for it, ready to take care of the crowds that we see today," said Target employee Mike Webb.

Over at Best Buy, Tammy Lanham returned her microwave because it caught on fire. She says when dealing with long lines, patience is key.

"Take your time, be patient, that's all you can do," Lanham said.

Store employees at Best Buy and Target explain their return policies to 6 news.

We've got a 90-day return policy for most items. Electronics and things like that have some stipulations but for the most part it's a 90-day return policy," Webb said.

"Basically anything that was bought November 3 to December 31 you have until January 15th to bring it back," Flo Stallard said.

Stallard says the two biggest reasons people return gifts are because they already have the same item, or they just don't like it.

"It's just a mixture of everything. Some people get stuff they didn't really want. It's kind of like Christmas sweaters, people are like I would rather have something else," Stallard said.

Some other things to keep in mind when returning gifts: to get a full refund most stores require a receipt. Without the receipt, you can usually only get store credit.

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