Dash cam video gives new insight UT players arrest

Dash cam video gives new insight into UT players arrest

Audio from some of the videos indicate a coach or coaches may have been present as the arrests were going down. Audio from some of the videos indicate a coach or coaches may have been present as the arrests were going down.

6 News Reporter

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Dash cam video gives a new look at what happened at a weekend party near the University of Tennessee where two current UT football players and one former Vol were arrested.

6 News obtained dash cam video from half-a-dozen cruisers that responded to the party that's become an off-the-field issue for the UT athletics program.

Audio from some of the videos indicate a coach or coaches may have been present as the arrests were going down.

A Knox County Sheriff's spokesperson says they "have no knowledge" if any coaches were there.

The night started off innocent enough. A cruiser was called to the apartment because of a noise complaint. The incident report says the apartment is shared by former player Dontavis Sapp and current players A.J. Johnson, Curtis Maggitt, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Jakob Johnson.

In the dash cam video you can hear the music thumping as deputies arrive.

A deputy tells the party goers, "Y'all are really loud."

A male responds "If we turn it down, we're good?"

The deputies says it won't be good if they have to return. They leave, and the music gets loud again.

In the audio you can hear one of the deputies mutter, "idiots."

They return and warn them everyone will get ID'd.

They then return a third time, this time for a 911 call about a fight.

As deputies pull up, they find a man who appears to be bleeding.

A deputy says, "Let me see your face."

The man insists he's fine but he was in a fight with people at the party.

"I got hit everywhere," the man says.

He again repeats he's fine and refuses an ambulance. He also tells deputies he doesn't want to press charges.

Lights and sirens blaring, more deputies pull into the Quarry Trail apartment complex in South Knoxville.

In the audio you can hear deputies asking everyone for their IDs.

At least a dozen people were brought out in handcuffs, many of them UT football players, but video also shows a person who identifies himself as a coach was also detained.

Deputy gets into confrontation with man who says he is a coach

In the dash cam video from the cruiser belonging to Deputy Chad Coleman, a deputy tells everyone they need to leave. However, he then gets in a confrontation with a man who identifies himself as a coach:

Deputy: Do you live here?

Man: I'm one of the coaches, I was trying to help defuse the situation in the best way I can.

Deputy: Well you aint doing nothing when I ask you to leave, you were running your mouth.

Man: You told me to leave and I said no I'm a coach and you said if you live here leave.

Deputy: That's right and you were talking all that nonsense. No. No. Too late. You're trespassing

The deputy then indicates to another person, asking who he is.

Man: He's another coach. I'm a coach, I work with the defensive lineman. He's a strength coach. We're trying to do the best we can without our guys going to jail.

Deputy: "They're grown men, they ought to know better."

The man who identifies himself as a coach is handcuffed and is placed in the back of the cruiser.

Deputy:  Do they always call you guys when they get in trouble?

Man: Well you know, I'm kind of a young guys so they kind of... most of them are older so they connect with me.

Deputy: Who are those other guys?

Man: Those are strength coaches too

Deputy: Did they call all them too? Or did you call each other?

Man:  I got a call from [Dontavious] Sapp other there. Then I called Ike, the bald headed one, and I don't know who called Coach Knight.

According to the UT Media Guide, there is an assistant strength coach named Ike Brown and a grad assistant named Larry Knight.

In the end, the deputy lets the man go with just a warning.

A University of Tennessee Athletics spokesperson said they do not know if any coaches were present. They refused to comment further.

More evidence that coaches were present

Several other dash cam videos from the incident offer more evidence that coaches were present.

In Deputy Jeremy Wise's dash cam video, he can be heard talking off camera to a student identified as Cory Rowe. Rowe identifies himself as a walk on. 

Here's a portion of their conversation:

Rowe: "If I start football on Monday, will this go on my record?"

Deputy: "Start football with what?"

Rowe: "Here."

Deputy: "At UT?"

Rowe: "Yes, sir"

Deputy: "Will this go on your record? Like your criminal record?"

Rowe: "Yes sir."

Deputy: "Yeah."

The deputy then says "hold on." And yells to someone, "Hey coach!"

The deputy can then be heard saying "I know you're trying to keep track of all your players, this one says he's supposed to start practice on Monday."

A person can then be heard asking "On Monday?"

It then appears Rowe responds saying "Yes sir, I start in the fall." Rowe goes on to say he was supposed to get his physical on Monday.

Dontavious Blair identified in dash cam video

In Deputy Ryan Burress' dash cam video, he identifies four star recruit Dontavious Blair from Alabama as the person in his cruiser.

Blair continuously insists he has not been drinking, even requesting deputies give him a breathalyzer.

Blair: "I'm saying I know I haven't been drinking."

Deputy: "You a football player?"

Blair: "Yes sir, and I haven't been drinking, I just pulled up."

Deputy: "(inaudible)…going to have you're a** for this isn't he?"

Blair: "I don't know."

Deputy: "I've got two of your coaches over here now and they aint happy."

6 News cannot tell for sure who the coach or the coaches the officers are referring to.

In a radio interview Monday, Coach Butch Jones said he's gathering facts and information about  the incident. He said the staff and players were embarrassed about it.

"It's not who we are. It's not what we stand for," Coach Jones said.

A.J Johnson, Danny O'Brien and Dontavis Sapp are charged with providing alcohol to underage people and resisting arrest. O'Brien is also charged with criminal impersonation after KCSO said he initially gave officers an ID with a fake age, indicating he's over 21 years of age when he is actually 20.

Dontavius Blair, Dimarya Mixon, Justin Coleman, Cory Rowe and Malik Brown were cited for underage drinking. Curtis Maggitt, Jakob Johnson and Jalen Reeves-Maybin were cited for providing alcohol to underage people.

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