George Quarles and Maryville - A winning combination

George Quarles and Maryville - A winning combination


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MARYVILLE (WATE) -- For the past 10 years, George Quarles has been the man in charge at Maryville High School.  Under his direction, the Rebels have gone on a historic run.  They've won seven state championships, and since November of 2003, his team hasn't lost a game.

"We don't mention it," says Quarles. "I will mention it in jest to try to get their attention. I'll talk about their 1000 game win streak, just joking around.  It isn't anything we talk about as a staff or as a team.

Quarles says that there are times that he feels the pressure during a game, but he does a good job hiding it.

"I think as a coach it is important to stay even," says Quarles.  "You kind of recognize what your team needs.  I think emotionally, your team is gonna have highs and gonna have lows.  It is the same way as a coach.  If I think my team is flat, I might raise my emotion level just a bit."

The Rebels take on the personality of their coach, and make that Maryville system nearly impossible to beat.  That's because those players learn early on what it means to wear the red and black.

"There's a lot of pride involved..These kids grow up wanting to play for Maryville High School," says Quarles.  "They grow up playing for the middle school, and they can't wait to get that opportunity on Friday night.  Because of that, they play with more pride and emotion than a lot of other schools do."



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