Laura Halm

Date of Joining WATE: July 2013


This seems to be a multiple choice question because my family moved quite a bit growing up. I was born in Michigan and raised in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Missouri, Georgia, and Tennessee.


B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and TV/Video Production from SUNY Plattsburgh

Previous Media Experience:

Reporter at WCYB-TV in Bristol, Va.
General Assignment Reporter at Gwinnett Broadcasting Company in Atlanta, Ga.

Outside Interests/Hobbies:

Dancing has always been a passion of mine. In fact, I used to compete in Irish step dancing (though you can still find me doing a jig), but more recently I’ve fallen in love with swing dancing. Knitting, running, reading, exploring downtown Knoxville and laughing with friends are what make me happiest.

What You Enjoy About Local News:

I love asking questions and “Why?” seems to be a favorite of mine! I’m naturally curious, always wanting to know more and that’s what I love about news. I get to ask questions, find answers and discover something new about our area every day. Plus, I get a glimpse of history as it’s happening. Not a bad job description right?



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