Melissa Greene

Melissa Greene has been the Digital Director for WATE-TV 6 since October 2020.

The award-winning journalist began her career early 21st Century as a copy editor and Page 1A designer for a Texas newspaper. She moved into reporting because she couldn’t stop finding great story ideas.

Quickly realizing the need to eat, she made the leap to broadcast news in 2011, taking over the assignments desk, training new reporters and discovering a love for all things digital. (Even math and analytics!)

After all, what is a news website if not an online newspaper?

From a thousand miles away amid the pandemic, the idea of returning home to her roots in East Tennessee proved appealing. In the fall of 2020, she joined the news family at WATE-TV 6.

In her spare time, she tries to avoid screens and social media, choosing instead to be outdoors with her grown daughters and puppy Stella.

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