Summer Dashe

Date of Joining WATE:  August 2020

Birthplace/Hometown: Danville, California


Southern Methodist University (Pony Up!)

Previous Media Experience:

I won historian in 3rd grade and never really stopped writing, recording, and telling stories after that!

The local newspaper that, sadly, no longer exists, hired me in high school to write a column and take photos around town. I was also the news editor for the high school paper.

By college, I was working part-time for The Dallas Morning News covering the crime beat in the morning before heading to my journalism classes in the afternoon. I thought I’d go in to print because I was so intimidated by TV.

I loved video work too much and decided to get over it!

I’m forever grateful for my internships at KTVU, in San Francisco, and WFAA, in Dallas.

My on-air reporting career started at KLTV, in Tyler. A few years later I headed to WPDE, in Myrtle Beach to anchor and report.

During my time in South Carolina, I helped launch the station’s first investigative team where we challenged state laws and uncovered deep corruption at a local police department.

Hurricane coverage became second nature to me as natural disasters hit year after year. (Thank you to everyone who let me in during the worst times.)

After earning the trust of the community out in the field, I was promoted to evening anchor and managing editor. I helped train our staff on storytelling techniques and news ethics.

I’m one of the biggest journalism nerds you’ll ever meet and am so thrilled my career brought me to WATE.

Personal information:

I found a souvenir in Texas and now I call him my fiance.

I have one of those cheesy stories. The day I met him I knew I’d marry him. We have two little dogs who are trained for therapy work and volunteer at nursing homes. Our whole life revolves around them. Sundae is a Papillon-Poodle mix and Bowen is a ShihTzu.

Though I was born and raised in California, I got to the South as quickly as I could!

My older siblings both went to Vanderbilt and my sister stayed in Nashville for her songwriting career. She and her husband are both in the music industry. It is a dream to be just a short drive away from my niece and nephews!

Okay, mom and dad. You can move to Tennessee now. Bring our brother with you.

Outside Interests/Hobbies:

I’m an amateur home baker! I love baking cakes and cupcakes. You’ll often see my creations on social media. I’d be happy to trade recipes! I don’t like fruit, though, so let’s keep it chocolatey.

Journalism is the purpose I chose in life and POTS advocacy is the purpose life chose for me.

You may see me post about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It’s a chronic illness I developed when I was 26.

It changed my life and perspective dramatically. It is my honor to help those who suffer from similar conditions. I speak to medical students and residents to spread the word and would be grateful to have the chance to share with your group. Just reach out!

What You Enjoy About Local News:

I believe passionate people do better work. This isn’t an industry where you survive just to get paid. You’ve got to love it and it is a blast working around people who share that love!

Storytelling can be so powerful. It can make change. It can make someone feel heard who so desperately needs an outlet to share their voice.

My favorite part about being a local news anchor is getting to be so involved in my community. I love chatting with viewers and getting to know the place I call home. This quote by Henry R. Luce sums it up well, “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.”

Media Awards and Honors:

2020 Southeast Emmy Award Team Coverage
“Hurricane Dorian”

2020 Southeast Emmy Award Nominee Health Report
“A Story from the Heart”

2020 Southeast Emmy Award EMMA Honorable Mention Investigative Report
“The Rat Squad”

2019 Southeast Emmy Breaking News
“Officer Involved Shooting”

2019 First Place RTDNAC Anchor Team of the Year
“Anchor Team of the Year”

2019 First Place RTDNAC General News by an MMJ
“The Rescue”

2019 Southeast Emmy Award Nominee Investigative Report
“The Domino Effect”

2019 Southeast Emmy Award EMMA Honorable Mention Investigative Report
“The Domino Effect”

2019 Southeast Emmy Award EMMA Honorable Mention General Assignment
“The Rescue”

2018 First Place RTDNAC Anchor Team of the Year
“Anchor Team of the Year”

2018 First Place RTDNAC General News
“The Domino Effect”

2017 South Carolina Broadcasters Association STAR Award
“North Myrtle Beach Fire”

2016 First Place RTDNAC General Assignment by an MMJ
“Brittanee Drexel Talk of the Town”

2016 First Place RTDNAC Education
“ABC15 Investigates: Energy Positive Schools”

2015 Texas Lone Star Emmy Award Newscast Smaller Market
“Disaster in Van”

2012 RTDNA Pete Wilson Journalism Scholarship
“Ethical and Responsible Journalism”



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