SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Criminal charges have been filed against three more doctors who were allegedly performing cosmetic surgeries without proper credentials or training, according to Baja California’s Attorney General’s Office.

The State Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, known as Coepris, says five people altogether are now facing charges, including three doctors and two individuals who were reportedly posing as physicians and conducting surgeries.

Currently, there are seven active cases where charges have been filed according to Erwin Areizaga Uribe, director of Coepris.

“Two hundred surgical centers and clinics have been investigated with 90 percent of those located in Tijuana,” said Areizaga Uribe. “We want to find, review and invite everyone to be part of normal and lawful operating procedures.”

In February, the state approved harsher penalties for medical personnel convicted of medical fraud and medical negligence.

People found guilty of these crimes now face at least five years in prison.

“We are going to be using this legal resource to bring charges especially if there’s a risk to public health,” said Areizaga Uribe.

Since last year, five people have died as a result of cosmetic surgeries in the state of Baja California.

One took place at the Hospital Jerusalem in Tijuana where the wife of a Guatemalan diplomat died after having surgery at the facility, which was supposed to be closed after an earlier investigation revealed its doctors were performing illegal procedures.