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ORLANDO, Fla. and KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The 7th annual Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS), sponsored by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and the Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC), will focus on the future of animal healthcare and how breakthroughs in human medicine can be adapted to advance animal healthcare and vice versa. The summit brings together some of the most progressive leaders and thinkers from the global healthcare industry, futurists who are at the forefront of scientific innovation and medicine and trailblazers in biotechnology to strategize on advancing human and animal medicine. VIS takes place October 9 - 11 in Kansas City, Mo.

"We have never before had such a gathering of brilliant minds and leaders across so many connected fields, and this year's Veterinary Innovation Summit promises to set a new path of even greater collaborations that will further advance healthcare for both animals and people." -Eleanor Green, DVM

"Veterinary medicine has long benefited from human medicine, and human medicine from veterinary medicine, with the intersection of healthcare breakthroughs never as exciting and promising as they are today. Incredible advances in technology are bringing new ways to diagnose and treat conditions that were inconceivable just a few years ago," said Eleanor Green, DVM, Founding Dean of Lyon College School of Veterinary Medicine, professor and Dean Emerita of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University and VIC Board Chair. "We have never before had such a gathering of brilliant minds and leaders across so many connected fields, and this year's Veterinary Innovation Summit promises to set a new path of even greater collaborations that will further advance healthcare for both animals and people."

Speakers and session highlights include:

  • How the use of light rays and sound can eradicate glioblastomas, cancer cells in the brain that are almost always terminal, without damaging any healthy brain tissues. Keynote speaker Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO and Founder of Openwater, and one of the world's foremost engineers and scientists in optics, imaging and display, will present on this breakthrough technology that could replace the MRI machine with a less expensive, more efficient and wearable system. Jepsen was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and one of CNN's top 10 thinkers in science and innovation for her work in display innovation. She founded and led two moonshots at Google and was an executive at Facebook/Oculus VR to advance virtual reality.

  • "Will Veterinary Medicine Cure Cancer in the Next Dog's Lifetime?" is the focus of a panel led by David Haworth, DVM, PhD. According to Dr. Haworth, dogs are one third more likely to get cancer than humans and pet parents cite cancer as their number one fear when it comes to their dog's health. There are incredible advances being made in human oncology, but they are not being widely adopted or readily transferred into veterinary medicine. What is it about veterinary medicine that makes getting these new therapies to market and into practice so difficult? This panel will look at this paradox and the challenges that veterinary medicine has faced in making substantial gains in survival rates for cancer. They will also discuss the groundbreaking success of clinical trials in canine cancer treatment, most notably osteosarcoma, and their broader implications in human medicine. It will highlight how clinical trials in animals can fast-pace cancer drug approval in human medicine while dogs receive cutting edge treatments before they are available for human use.

  • World-renowned medical futurist Bertalan Meskó, PhD will talk about AI, precision medicine, wearable technology, and digital health. He will also focus on future innovations in human medicine and their implications for veterinary medicine. Dr. Meskó is The Medical Futurist and the Director of The Medical Futurist Institute analyzing how science fiction technologies can become a reality in medicine and healthcare.

  • "Can We Make Dogs Live Forever?" is the focus of a presentation by Brennen McKenzie, MA, MSc, VMD, Associate Veterinarian, Adobe Animal Hospital, Los Altos, CA and Director of Veterinary Medicine, Loyal, San Francisco, Calif. This discussion takes a new look at aging as a treatable problem, not an inevitable, unavoidable progression in life. Dr. McKenzie will share the latest on pre-clinical research and a pilot clinical study he is leading for Loyal for Dogs on the first pharmaceutical product intended to extend lifespan and healthspan in dogs. The FDA has provided protocol concurrence for this pivotal clinical study and will validate whether this drug extends canine lifespan and healthspan.This pivotal clinical trial will begin in late 2023. It will be one of the largest and longest clinical trials in dogs ever- approximately 1,000 dogs evaluated at 50 sites around the U.S. and lasting about 4 years.

  • Visual AI. Susan Groeneveld will show how AI is transforming pain detection in cats, who are masters at hiding pain, and hastening the use of pain management. AI will pervade most conversations at VIS.

  • Pitch Competition featuring emerging and potentially disruptive technologies. Exhibiting startup companies also look at how AI technology can provide early screening and detection from home, improvements to clinic efficiency, early cancer screening using nematodes, advancements in genetic testing, and microbiome analysis.

About the NAVC
The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing veterinary professionals worldwide. The world's leading provider of veterinary continuing education, the NAVC delivers essential training, tools and resources for veterinary professionals to stay abreast of advances in animal medicine and provide the best medical care for animals everywhere. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, the NAVC has developed a diverse portfolio of products and services, including: educational events, headlined by VMX, the world's largest, most comprehensive continuing education conference and launchpad for new products and innovations within the veterinary industry; a robust digital platform for virtual learning and engagement; the veterinary industry's largest and award-winning portfolio of trade publications; and an advocacy arm which unites the veterinary community and pet lovers. The NAVC was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, FL. Since 2017, the NAVC has been recognized annually as one of the Top Workplaces by the Orlando Sentinel. To learn more about the NAVC's products and brands, visit To see our schedule of upcoming events, visit

About the Veterinary Innovation Council
The non-profit Veterinary Innovation Council is committed to improving access and quality in animal healthcare worldwide by developing and championing disruptive solutions surrounding key emerging issues. The VIC Board is comprised of leaders and executives from some of the most innovative companies and academia serving the veterinary profession including Animal Health Economics; Animal Policy Group; ASPCA Animal Hospital; Bitwerx; Covetrus, North America; CityVet; Hill's Pet Nutrition US; IDEXX; Lyon College School of Veterinary Medicine; Mars Veterinary Health; Merck; Michelson Found Animals; Nationwide Pet Insurance; Petco Love; PetIQ; Pet Smart Charities & Pet Smart Charities of Canada; Purina; Royal Canin; The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine; Thrive Pet Healthcare, Veterinary Business Advisors; Veterinary Practice Partners; Veterinary Study Groups; and WellHaven Pet Health. To learn more, visit

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