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Duvets Ungava Now Offers a Variety of Duvets For Colder Temperatures

down duvets all season in Montreal

Queen size goose down duvet in MTL

fluffy warm duvet for winter fall in Montreal, QC

Stay warm during the Canadian winter with a wide variety of made in Canada winter duvets from Duvets Ungava.

At Duvets Ungava, we provide the best silk and goose duvets in Canada.”
— Jory Sanderson
MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In the harshest of Canadian winter, keeping warm can be difficult. It is therefore necessary to invest in a good-quality winter duvet from Duvets Ungava so to be able to sleep warm and cozy all winter long before the first cold spell hits.

Generally speaking, a lush, thick winter duvets are one of the best ways to keep warm at night. Loved for their cuddly properties and thick feel, they offer a great amount of insulation and warmth.

It is important to choose a duvet with care because there are a lot of choices in the market and because everyone's body temperature is different. A good duvet should keep the user comfy and warm, but not too warm. Therefore, a natural duvet in down, silk, or wool, is best. For instance, the goose down duvet is said to be one of the coziest on the market. No surprise there because down has the best insulating properties of any material – natural or manmade. It is light and fluffy and totally hugs the body in cloud-like comfort. On the other hand, silk duvet has excellent thermoregulatory and insulating properties and it absorbs moisture well which can be especially important for people prone to night sweats.

Locally in Montreal and online, Canadian quality down winter duvets can be found at great prices at Duvets Ungava. Properly cared for, they also last a lifetime. In fact, some down duvets are even passed down through generations! This incredible longevity of down duvets makes the initial financial investment worthwhile.

Family owned and run since 1981, Duvets Ungava is a Montreal institution well-known for its well-made, great quality Canadian made Down Products including Goose Down Duvets and pillows, Wool Duvets and pillows, and Sheets and Duvet Covers. It has since expanded its assortments to include home decor and bedroom and bathroom accessories at its premise on 10, Pine Avenue West, Suite 112 at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent.

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Duvets Ungava
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