NSWAP, Inc. Announces Its Global Launch

The Nswap Launchpad is now live.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, NSWAP, Inc., a premium, multi-chain NFT marketplace, launched its launchpad offering globally after a successful soft launch featuring three high-quality projects. NSWAP, Inc.'s launchpad provides the most robust primary project filter and aggregator on the NFT market, helping users identify first-class projects in the market by clearly presenting key project information, eliminating information asymmetry, and relieving information anxiety to create a seamless NFT launchpad experience for creators and buyers alike. This is essential as studies show that only a few users in the NFT market are earning the majority of gains.

To achieve this, NSWAP, Inc. has gathered a team of industry veterans who evaluate every project on the launchpad prior to its launch. Users can expect a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand experience in choosing the project that suits them best.

After the Launchpad goes live, the team will release features such as preferential access to whitelists and airdrops. User transaction fees to buy and sell NFTs will be reduced prior to the release of its initial Marketplace. Later this year, following the launch of Marketplace 1.0 with basic features such as purchasing, sales, quotations, rarity rankings, and instant notifications, an upgraded Marketplace 2.0 will introduce features like Auctions, Bulk purchase and sale, and support for multi-chain, layer-2 ecological NFT marketing. In the future, NSWAP, Inc. expects to launch a metaverse NFT Market with VR capabilities.

Three major features of NSWAP, Inc.'s marketplace make it stand out:

  • Better transaction rates
    • The Nswap marketplace is a decentralized, multi-chain NFT public trading market with lower Gas fees and robust social components.
  • Revolutionary marketplace hierarchy
    • Through the Nswap Launchpad, NSWAP, Inc. expects to maintain a strong pipeline of high-quality projects in its primary marketplace that will then flow through the platform's secondary marketplace, sustaining liquidity as a strong competitive advantage.
  • Nswap OG-Cards
    • Users will be able to acquire a unique NFT that allows them to trade on the platform and enjoy airdrops, as well as additional secret benefits.

NSWAP, Inc. is the first team to build a primary and secondary market simultaneously. Through its launchpad, it can establish relationships with high-quality projects for the primary market, and then these projects will circulate in its secondary marketplace, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality projects.

NSWAP, Inc. is announcing the following features for 2022:

  • A proprietary project ranking system
  • Instant push notifications for key milestones
  • Whitelists and airdrops

About NSWAP, Inc.: NSWAP, Inc. is building a decentralized, multi-chain information aggregation platform (Launchpad) and open market (Marketplace) for NFTs. NSWAP, Inc. gives everyone the opportunity to experience, access, and own NFTs. With NSWAP, users can access NFT collections for sale on its primary Launchpad and trade them freely on its secondary Marketplace. 

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Image 1: Nswap Launchpad is Live

The Nswap Launchpad is now live.

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