‘Medical miracle’ gives back what blood donors gave him


The story of the Landes family is one of survival and thankfulness as MEDIC Regional Blood Center’s Roll Up Your Sleeve Week continues. 

“For them to go from two active parents to zero!” said Yvonnca Landes about her four children. “Because I stayed there the whole five and a half months. I mean, my kids were in shock.” 

“My pancreas went bad and poisoned everything else in my gut,” said Yvonnca’s husband David.  

What David thought he was having was a pancreatitis attack – but had no idea what it was really doing.

“And the doctor says, ‘Oh he’s having a pancreatitis attack he’ll be here for two days,” explained Yvonnca… but that was clearly not the case. 

“The day I went to the hospital? That’s the last day I remember,” said David. “After that, I woke up three months later.”

David wasn’t able to wake up and his wife Yvoncca wouldn’t see the light of day for months, vowing not to come back home again, until her husband did. 

“He went into the Critical Care Unit (CCU) and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and I came home to get some clothes,” said Yvonnca. “I got out of the shower and my friend said, ‘Yvonnca don’t panic but they want to put him on life support’ and until this day I still think, I shouldn’t have left the hospital. I was only gone 20 minutes.”

Getting David stable enough to operate took six weeks and he was in a medically induced coma for months, in all needing 40 pints of blood throughout his entire medical ordeal. 

“The doctor told her there would be a 9 percent chance I’d make it,” David said. 

It’s been six years. David is minus one Gall Bladder, one Pancreas, is now a Type 1 Diabetic – and alive. 

“It’s two things MEDIC does for you, the biggest thing is that blood saves your life, that’s the biggest thing you can say about MEDIC,” said Yvoncca. “They save lives and it’s not inflated, it’s just true. Another thing is, with that blood… doing blood drives and trying to help other people, it helps you to get off of your situation and thinking about your situation.” 

Now – the Landes Family holds a blood drive every year on the first Wednesday of November. 

“It’s to give back to the community because David doesn’t need blood anymore – thank you Jesus! But we give back to the community that gave to us,” said Yvonnca. 

The first time Yvonnca got to see daylight again was with her husband David, after they made it through the worst and on the other side of this battle. 

A battle for some that is lifelong, as is the need for blood. 

In the six blood drives the Landes Family has held, they have helped save 1,221 lives.

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