Parkwest Medical Center surgeon brings guided personalized surgery to East Tennessee


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A new way to do surgery has made its way to East Tennessee.

Parkwest Medical Center and Dr. Justin Kennon are the first to offer guided personalized surgery in the area. The new and advanced computer system precisely guides surgeons during procedures.

“It’s all the benefit of preoperative planning and computer-assisted surgery technology combined with my intraoperative decision making,” Kennon explains. “The combination of robotic-like technology with shoulder fellowship experience is an absolute game changer for patient outcomes.”

With a CT-scanned, 3D model of the patient’s shoulder, Kennon can plan the perfect procedure ahead of time and before the first incision.

“I’m able to visualize the patient’s shoulder blade and ball and socket joint,” Kennon said. “I am able to plan the implant size and position, both before surgery and using interactive feedback during surgery. This advancement allows me to better understand the implant and shoulder dynamics before we ever get to surgery.”

Dr. Kennon compares this technology to using a car’s GPS to get to a new destination.

“You can go down back roads and get lost a few times and eventually find your way there, but it’s much easier and more precise to put the location into the GPS,” Kennon said. “You get there precisely, efficiently and effectively. Better outcomes mean that everybody’s happier in the end.”

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