KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Monday, December 21st is the Winter Solstice. It’s the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It has an even deeper meaning for a familiar face to WATE viewers.

Former WATE 6 On Your Side Anchor Kristin Farley lost her father to Alzheimer’s Disease earlier this year. Now, she’s volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of him through a series of events, and you can help.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease, get involved and support Kristin’s fundraising effort at

Kristin Farley spoke with WATE 6 On Your Side’s Lori Tucker about her efforts to fight Alzheimer’s in honor of her late father, Phil Farley, with hosting an event on “the longest night” of the year and promoting the fundraiser, “The Longest Day”:

“This is the actually the first time I’m speaking publicly about his struggle, and it’s just an important message to get out and hopefully provide some hope and help to other families who might be going through something similar.

“Well, on Monday, we’re continuing to really fight the darkness that so many Alzheimer’s patients and families live through and so we are lighting luminaries. Many of us who are involved in this effort put these outside and ours has my father’s name on it, as well. Just one way to kind of signify and let people know that they’re not alone, and there’s people out there that care and want to help.

“The other big event is helping to raise money and funds through ‘The Longest Day’ but it’s a year-round effort to raise money and awareness to Alzheimer’s and other dementia related illnesses.

And so I’m doing mine, calling it “Fun for Farkle” because of what my father went by and at the heart of my father, he always loved to have fun. We’re teaming up with Painting with a Twist out in Farragut, whether it’s going to be a home and virtual event or in the studio of course because of COVID remains to be seen, but we’re going to implement a lot of some of his favorite foods and favorite drinks and paint a picture. We haven’t decided yet exactly what that picture will be, but something that will be near and dear to our story together.”

Again, to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease, get involved and click here to support Kristin’s fundraising effort at

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