KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — He has become our “go-to” for interviews about COVID-19.

You see Dr. Mark Rasnake with the University of Tennessee Medical Center lending his expertise as an infectious disease expert during some of our coronavirus coverage.

Like others on the front line, he’s putting in long hours making a difference.
Since this is National Hospital Week, we are featuring Dr. Rasnake as one of our heroes.

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These days, you’ll find him hurrying down a hospital hallway, but not to see patients like he normally would. As an infectious disease specialist, he is now focusing exclusively on the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’ve been working with the leadership team here at the hospital to make sure we have the right protocols and the right equipment and the right testing, really the right resources to help our staff members safely care for coronavirus patients,” Dr.Rasnake told us.

He’s been working nonstop, making sure UT Medical Center has what it needs during the pandemic.

“Things have really improved,” he says. “The supply chain has been incredible finding us scarce supplies, making sure we have enough to continually meet the demand. We never ran out, we never got to the point where we had to do unsafe care with our patients. We were always able to stay just ahead of things, and we’ve improved things at our facility to be able to stay just ahead of things and we’ve improved things at our facility to be able to take care of coronavirus patients for the  foreseeable future.”

As we did our interview following the 6-foot rule, Dr. Rasnake didn’t have to wear his mask, and he has this advice for everyone to follow right now:

“Don’t forget the social distancing that’s important. People can go back to living their lives, going shopping, to restaurants, doing the things you did but mask wearing in public is important. People without symptoms can still be potentially spreading the virus,” he says.

This hardworking physician, like most on the front line, doesn’t want attentinon for his efforts.
But he deserves it.

Congratulations, Dr. Mark Rasnake.