KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — “Give until it hurts.” You’ve heard that expression. A teen we recently met made a big sacrifice for people he doesn’t even know.

He sold his Xbox to feed those experiencing homelessness. Now that effort has become his mission.

Nikko Terry says, “I just thought about it – let’s do something for the homeless so I just happened overnight.”

Food, water, and so many grateful people.

It all started two years ago when Nikko was 16.

“I actually had an Xbox One and I sold it for I think $200,” he told us. “I bought waters and hot dogs but it wasn’t enough, so then my daddy and my mama, they gave me, they helped with the rest and we just took it from there.”

Every other month or so, you’ll find Nikko quietly, serving those experiencing homelessness.

“My second event we did sausage biscuits,” he recalled.

He brings his four younger siblings to the bridge near the Salvation Army in North Knoxville to give what he can.

Somehow, it’s always just enough.

“The line was so long, 300 hot dogs, chips and 400 water bottles. We had a great turnout,” Nikko said with a smile.

Nikko is now 18. His dad passed away last August. His mother continues to help him navigate the nonprofit world.

He calls his mission, “Terry’s Give Back Organization.”

He doesn’t call himself a hero.

“It’s just for the people for me, ” he said. “I never really thought about that. It’s just for the people.”

Nikko’s big dream is to have a van to help him transport the food and clothing he collects, and he’s always appreciative of donations.

The best way to donate is by going to his Facebook page, Terry’s Give Back Organization.

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