KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks, better known as Brooks & Dunn, are coming to Thompson-Boling Arena on May 14 as a stop on their REBOOT tour. This is the first full tour the band has put on on since 2010.

The idea for the tour came from their manager who believed they would be able to draw a crowd again. Excited, the two have spent their time rehearsing and learning how to play a few songs they haven’t performed in a long time.

“It’s kinda fun ya know?” said Brooks. “Remembering we made this music a long time ago, those songs are still fun to play.”

Brooks & Dunn are no strangers to Knoxville, they have performed in Neyland Stadium and Thompson Boling arena multiple times.

While Ronnie hasn’t had the chance to explore the town, Brooks mentioned a spot nearby he and his wife like to visit.

“My wife and I sneak off to Blackberry Farm in Maryville every now and then,” said Brooks.

Ronnie says the upcoming tour isn’t set up as an older act show, it’s set up to be a state of the art, full blown production. Brooks & Dunn aren’t putting together competitive productions to make money. They say they are in it for the fun and the love.

“We just want to hear some of that loud Tennessee football noise,” said Dunn. “It’s almost so loud it feels like it’s pushing down on you.”

Brooks & Dunn encourage fans to bring their A-game to the upcoming concert.