NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WBTW) — The Grand Ole Opry is receiving backlash after a surprise appearance Saturday by country star Morgan Wallen.

Wallen joined Ernest on stage to perform their duet, “Flower Shops,” according to a tweet from Grand Ole Opry. Twitter users were quick to call out the Opry for allowing him on stage after denouncing racism in June 2020.

“This is exactly why actions speak louder than words,” one user wrote, attaching a screenshot of the Opry’s post in June that said: “Racism is real. It is unacceptable. And it has no place at the Grand Ole Opry.”

Another user wrote it “Seems like a giant middle finger to the growing community of [B]lack country artists and fans.”

“Wow! So disappointed in the opry. This is not a good look on you,” another user wrote.

Not everyone was upset at the Opry, with many users also showing their support for Wallen.

“These comments are sickening. EVERYBODY deserves forgiveness. [Q]uit bringing up past events. [M]organ learned from his action and that’s all that matters. [H]e’s an incredible artist and always will be,” one user wrote.

Another user said people bashing Wallen “need to move on.”

“Thank you. Time to let it go. People have done far worse. I dislike cancel culture,” another user added.

Wallen received backlash in February 2021 after being caught on video using a racial slur. He apologized for using the slur and accepted his consequences. He also told his fans not to downplay what he did.

Wallen also said he accepted any punishments that he faced. Wallen’s songs were removed from radio stations, streaming services took his music off their top playlists and his record label suspended him.

But many of his fans responded to the backlash by buying up more of his records and continued to stream him.

The Grand Ole Opry has not responded online to any of the backlash as of Monday afternoon.