Holiday Inn Express offers pancake-making machine to suspended teacher

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LANCASTER, PA (WCMH) — Holiday Inn Express has offered to give a teacher, who was suspended for making students pancakes in class, a machine that will make the breakfast for him.

Kyle Byler, an eighth-grade teacher at Hand Middle School, was suspended last week after he made pancakes for students during PSSA tests, according to WHTM.

A district spokeswoman said Byler didn’t have permission to cook in the classroom during the testing and if he had, “the response would have been that such activities would distract the teacher from the required duties as a test proctor.”

However, the Lancaster Education Association said Byler didn’t break any rules and so he has returned to teaching. 

In a statement, Holiday Inn Express says it is happy to hear Byler has returned to teaching his students and have offered to gift him a pancake making machine.

“As a hotel brand that knows how important an energizing breakfast is to being THE READIEST for the day ahead, Holiday Inn Express salutes Byler for taking the initiative and making pancakes for his students,” the statement reads.

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