CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WATE) — A Chattanooga Hotel has one guest who is believed to have never left.

The 241-room Read House Hotel opened in 1872, but the hotel’s charm comes from their 1920s style. A guest from the same time period appears to have never left. According to the Read House Hotel’s website, room 311 is haunted by the ghost of Annalisa Netherly.

Allegedly, Netherly died in the 3-room suite in 1927, the hotel’s website says. The hotel says she was beheaded by a jealous lover in the bathtub, but other sources share there are a few other stories of how she died.

In one story, Netherly and her lover lived at the hotel, but one day he decided to seek the company of other women. Devastated by this betrayal and abandonment, she died of a broken heart.

The second story lines up more with what the hotel says but provides a bit more detail. Some believe Netherly was actually a prostitute who had checked in with one man but took a fancy to another man at the hotel. This version says that shortly after, she was found with her throat slashed in the bathtub.

Yet a third version suggests that she committed suicide out of her own jealous rage, although what led up to that was not shared in this account.

The hotel shares that guests have experienced wide variety of signs that Netherly never left.

“Over the years, a number of guests have reported paranormal activity in the room, including unexplained noises, flickering lights, running water, shadowy figures and more. The haunted room is well-known by many locals who have experienced paranormal activity of their own.” The Website says. “Guests who have stayed in Room 311 swear to have felt Annalisa’s presence, and some say they have even seen her.”

Those hoping to book a stay in Room 311 might just be in luck. The room can be booked through the hotel’s website, and as of Wednesday night, the room may still be available for Halloween.

Anyone who is curious but would not dare risk messing with the supernatural can also tour the room online. The hotel says that the room was restored to its original 1920s state during the hotel’s latest renovation, including original elements such as a vintage clawfoot tub, an AM radio, and a manually locked door.

For guests interested in visiting, the hotel also says that tours are available upon request at the availability of a tour guide.