PARIS (AP) — A French government watchdog agency ordered Apple to withdraw the iPhone 12 from the market, saying it emits levels of electromagnetic radiation that are too high.

The National Frequency Agency, which oversees radio-electric frequencies as well as public exposure electromagnetic radiation, called on Apple in a statement Tuesday to “implement all available means to rapidly fix this malfunction.”

Corrective updates to the iPhone 12 will be monitored by the agency, according to the statement and if they don’t work, “Apple will have to recall” phones that were already sold, it said.

The agency, which is known by the French acronym ANFR, said it recently checked 141 cellphones, including the Apple iPhone 12, for electromagnetic waves capable of being absorbed by the human body.

It said it found a level of electromagnetic energy absorption of 5.74 watts per kilogram during tests of a phone in a hand or a pocket, higher than the European Union standard of 4.0 watts per kilogram.

The agency said the iPhone 12 met the threshold when radiation levels were assessed for a phone kept in a jacket or in a bag.