KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The best deals of the season may seem like they’re just a sleigh ride away as Black Friday and Cyber Monday get closer and closer.

“This is the best time to shop for anything that you need, whether it’s gifts or something for yourself, you’re going to see the deepest discounts this season,” said Samantha Gordon, the Deals Editor for Consumer Reports.

Gordon also explained some of these prices for holiday shopping will look familiar to shoppers.

“We saw the first sales kick off in early October because shoppers wanted to start earlier because of inflation and they’re worried about prices going up as we get closer to the holidays,” she said.

Gordon said shoppers did not need to fret if they didn’t start their holiday shopping before Halloween, adding that the low prices will be back and could even be lower on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“We’re expecting the biggest discounts on Black Friday itself and over that weekend, but you’re going to see those deals throughout the month of November and into December as we get into the holidays,” said Gordon.

So, the big question is, when is the best time to purchase certain gifts or products?

“If you’re shopping on Thanksgiving, electronics are what you’re going to want to be looking at,” said Gordon. “I believe the market predictions are sort of that clothing, and toys, and sporting goods, and home goods are going to be better discounts on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday.”

However, Gordon said for the most part, the price differences on the two shopping holidays will not be impressive enough that shoppers would necessarily need to wait. The difference between shopping in person versus online comes down to a shopper’s patience.

“Shipping times can be a little bit extended on certain products and that’s during Black Friday especially, but also throughout the year, so that’s something to consider, versus in store you’ll be able to walk out with it right then and there,” she noted.

As many shoppers remember, there were worried about the 2021 holiday season supply chain shortages and delays.

Lance Saunders, an Assistant Professor with the University of Tennessee’s Department of Supply Chain Management through the Haslam College of Business explained shortages shouldn’t be much of an issue this season.

“One thing, hopefully, that the pandemic has taught us is that we have to account for potential risk in our supply chain,” Saunders began. “I think you’re seeing that this Christmas where we did order earlier, we did have more safety stock, and you’re seeing the result of more in-stock availability at the retail shelf.”

Saunders also spoke about the potential railroad strike at the start of December if a deal can’t be reached with the government. Saunders said he didn’t feel a strike would greatly impact consumer goods, but more so transportation costs.