The Innov865 Alliance has selected six of Knoxville’s most investable startups as pitch competition finalists for Startup Day 2019. The “Shark-Tank”-style competition will take place Tuesday, September 24 at the Mill & Mine. Each entrepreneur will pitch their business on-stage before a panel of expert judges for a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes. Entrepreneurs will also compete for a “crowd favorite” cash prize presented by SunTrust Bank.

Startup Day is the premier event of the larger Innov865 Week annual entrepreneurship festival hosted by the Innov865 Alliance. The Week, taking place September 23-27, spotlights Knoxville as a great place to start and grow businesses, and connects the entrepreneurs planting roots here with support systems to succeed.

This year’s festivities are bigger than ever: a mayoral forum moderated by WATE 6 On Your Side’s Kristin Farley is planned, where Knoxville mayoral candidates Eddie Mannis and Indya Kincannon will present their vision for entrepreneurship and innovation. Startup Day is free and open to the public; doors will open at 1:30pm. Tickets are available now online.

WATE 6 On Your Side is pleased to present this year’s Elevator Sessions. Each of the selected Startup Day entrepreneurs is given a 60-second elevator ride to pitch their company. Hosted by Bo Williams, these sessions are an opportunity to quickly learn what each company and product has to offer.

Watch these short videos and you will see that the entrepreneurial spirit is truly alive and well in East Tennessee. Who do you think should walk away with the $10,000 prize?

Jim Horey, Reviewbox
Reviewbox is an e-commerce software platform that enables brands and manufacturers to track product reviews and sales data across online retail sites like Amazon, providing visibility into every aspect of an e-commerce business and connecting companies directly with their customers.

Mac Bartine,SmartRIA
SmartRIA is a software platform with proprietary technology that simplifies compliance for investment advisors, saving firms and hybrid firms time and money in maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations.

Mitchell Ishmael, Active Energy
Active Energy is a startup offering ultra-efficient, low-cost thermal energy storage utilizing the world’s first “icephobic coating,” a patent-pending invention that creates a surface impervious to freezing water, thus improving cooling performance by completely eliminating ice build-up.

Eric Mayer, EDP Biotech
EDP Biotech medical device diagnostics company with novel platform technology enabling earlier detection of diseases such as colorectal cancer, using machine learning and multiplexing to perform more advanced and efficient blood tests.

Stan Hunter, TCPoly
TCPoly is a 3D printing company developing advanced materials and technology, including the world’s highest thermal conductivity filament (50x higher than traditional plastics). When combined with the design freedom of 3D printing, can be used to make lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and high-performance heat transfer components.

Lia Winter, Winter Innovations
Winter Innovations is a medical device company inventing novel orthopedic surgical tools that improve patient outcomes in high-risk procedures, such as the EasyWhipTM specialty needle that improves the stability, speed, and efficiency of graft stitching, a critical component of surgery for torn ligaments and tendons.

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