6 On Your Side Answers: BBB Consumer Alert for online seller


MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about an online company called Whalegot.

It primarily focuses on women’s clothing and power tools. A man in Madisonville called WATE 6 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Don Dar, to show him what he didn’t get from Whalegot.

He never got the power tools he ordered, but he did get a gift.

Business records show that the online sit called Whalegot was created in November of 2019.

Its home base is supposedly in Indiana, but the product delivered came from China.

The BBB says the site was set up to take advantage of the Christmas holiday season by offering “too good to be true” prices on items that are worth much more.

At his home in Madisonville, Tim Courtney organized tools he uses for tinkering on projects at him.

Courtney, a diesel mechanic, says a man never has enough tools; so, in early December, he ordered two huge toolsets.

He says he ordered the tools from a site called Whalegot.com, and that a friend actually suggested to him that he needed to check out Whalegot.com due to its great bargains.

Courtney paid for quite a few Husky tools.

“I ordered 1,025 piece tool set.”

Tim Courtney

Courtney figured he’d keep one set of tools at home, the other at work.

As he waited for his order to arrive, the shopping site kept him up to date.

“They started giving me updates of my package.”

Tim Courtney

However, when his package arrived in a small envelope, Tim was puzzled. Where were the tools?

Courtney says instead of the tools he ordered, he received a pair of knock-off Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“We’ve had several complaints on them. It started in December, the website just appeared in November.”

Tony Binkley – Better Business Bureau President, East Tennessee

At the BBB, Tony Binkley says the site Whalegot has caught the attention of many customers.

Binkley says that the site’s rating is an F, the US Postal Office doesn’t have any record of the company’s address, and that the BBB isn’t sure what the parent company is for Whalegot (there are several different websites that are under Whalegot).

Courtney is frustrated he didn’t get his tools and angry that he lost his money. He’s tried calling the phone number on Whalegot’s website, but no one answers.

“I can’t stress enought to do the research before you spend the money. Because we hear so often that people buy something and it doesn’t work out right. They check the company out afterwards. It’s too late at that point.”

Tony Binkley

The BBB says not all newly created websites are scams.

However, the Bureau suggests before doing business with an unfamiliar website, first check with the Bureau to see when the site was created.

They also say old sites are relatively more reliable than new websites.

When checked, the date of creation for Whalegot shows it was launched in November, less than three months ago, and already there is a Bureau alert on it.

The FTC says when fraud sites get banned or gain a bad reputation, the owners simply change the website name and step into the market with a whole new identity.

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