KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — WATE’s Don Dare has worked hard in 2022 to get answers for problems or issues facing East Tennesseans. Since he began working for WATE in 1996, his investigations have helped people avoid scams, fight unlawful evictions, get proper medical care, and more.

Read the stories of several of Dare’s investigations that have been solved this year:

  • Terry Laudermilk

For years, it was a battle for Terry Laudermilk and his wife as they appealed several times to the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs for a higher disability rating. However, the fight was over in November 2022, when he was approved. The Laudermilks spoke with Dare about how this happened.

  • Eurohaus Motorsports

For many years, several car owners have shared their frustrations with Eurohaus Motorsports and its owner Robert Berry with Dare. However, in October 2022 the shop closed after the Department of Revenue seized its assets and sold them to pay outstanding taxes.

  • Taylor Dickerson

In mid-August, Taylor Dickerson received a letter asking her to renew the lease on the place where she had been living for years. However, five weeks later, her landlord sent another notice stating she had to go because the apartment was going to be renovated. She went to Dare for help and within days of his report, Dickerson was told there was an available apartment for her.

  • Vanessa Hill

In September, Don Dare spoke with Vanessa Hill about her need for a ramp so she could get out of her house. This story inspired several local church members to come together a build her a ramp.

  • Janie Osborne and Miss Mae

These two women were neighbors in the Indian Mound Apartment complex in Jacksboro. In August, they found out their rent was rising by 60%. In an effort to find new housing, they could afford, they reached out to Dare. Both women were eventually able to find housing with LaFollette Housing Authority.

  • Margaret

Margaret thought she was getting her air conditioner repaired, but instead, a new unit was installed. She approved the transaction on an iPad but says she never received paperwork until months later, finding out she was leasing the new unit. WATE would reach out to the company on her behalf. This led to the company beginning an internal review to find out how the repair changed to a replacement. Her case would be resolved.

  • Phyllis Nuchols and Tammy Hunley

In March, Phyllis Nuchols and Tammy Hunley had all but given up hope after they were given one month to move their mobile home or appear in court. However, after reaching out to Dare and sharing their story, several community members reached out to help them, their landlords worked out a repayment plan and an emergency grant from Knox Housing Assistance Program was approved.

  • The Peck Family

The Pecks reached out to Dare after they encountered red tape stopping them from moving their gift shop, Tobias Uniques, to Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg. After nearly four months of delay, the shop opened in May. They encountered issues from being unable to obtain a business license to getting a tax bill for the time they were unable to open.

  •  Katlin Jackson

 Katlin Jackson, who had been an apartment manager, waited for four months to receive one of her paychecks. Two weeks before the payment was due her bank account was hacked causing her to close it, but the direct deposit was sent to that closed account. After a long back and forth between her employer and bank, she reached out to Dare in hopes of finding help. WATE then sent an inquiry to her employer and within days, the issue was resolved.

  • Keniethea Tadlock

The battle for Keniethea Tadlock, who claimed she caught COVID-19 at work, went on for 20 months. Once she survived the virus, severe post-COVID symptoms were diagnosed. They kept her in bed for months, and Tadlock’s medical bills mounted to over half a million dollars. Then in November 2021, the bills were paid after she was approved for social security benefits. However, she was still seeking worker’s compensation from her employer. In August, that issue was finally resolved.

  • Michael Helm

Michael Helm, a Navy veteran, reached out to Dare with a plea for a more comfortable bed after being sent home for hospice care. Many people were touched by his plea, however, bureaucracy is tough to budge or change. Helm would be able to get into a comfortable bed at Sacred Ground Hospice House before his death on Feb. 5.

To see more of Dare’s investigations, click here. If you have a consumer question for him, send him an email at, or call the 6 On Your Side hotline at 865-633-5974.