Bill resolved after Knoxville woman receives unwanted security system


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Good news for a Knoxville senior who has been charged for a security system that she was no longer using.

The retired widow got a visit by salesmen in 2019, a visit she didn’t ask for. She agreed to a system, but over time, couldn’t figure out how to properly operate it.

Fortunately, the security company has been helpful and cooperative. Door-to-door salespeople often don’t take no for an answer. And, if you have elderly parents, it really helps to be aware of their business decisions.

Judy and her mother, Avalene, enjoy looking at pictures of the family. Judy says her mom’s memory is not as good as it used to be. Avalene, a widow who lives on a fixed income, has a big family.

They both asked that we not use their last names. For nearly 30 years, Avalene had an ADT security system set up at her home. Nearly two years ago, she told us about two door-to-door salesmen who came to her house unannounced from Vivint security.

“I told them after they did their little speech to tell me what it was about, I told them I didn’t want it,” Avalene said. “I just kept repeating that, that I didn’t want it.” But she accepted a multi-year contract.

An unassembled Vivint security system now sits by her front door.

Vivint told WATE 6 its customers are asked to complete a “pre-installation survey” to confirm their understanding of the transaction they’re signing, and most security system contracts are multi-year.

Directions on how to operate the system were left by Vivint. For some older people, and even for middle-aged adults, some of these new gadgets are not always user-friendly.

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