KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A blind woman is grateful to the Federation of the Blind for helping her after she was threatened with eviction.

Last month when bed bugs had infested Monica Jones’s apartment. The management at her government-subsidized apartment sprayed, but it did little good. She was then told, to either get rid of the bugs and furniture or she could lose her apartment. That’s when an advocacy group for the blind stepped in.

“The problem was bed bugs. We’ve had this issue before. They’ve come in here, boomed and sprayed, but they’ve never threatened me like that before. This is not something that I brought here. It’s something that’s been here,” said Jones.

“When I first heard about this my first thought went to … Under normal circumstances, eviction is a horrible thing. But when you are dealing with blind people and finding temporary shelter, it’s more difficult,” said Yvonne Neubert, the president of Tennessee’s senior division of the National Federation of the Blind.

Neubert says she reached out to the blind community and others to assist Jones, it paid off.

“Fortunately, I have a great network of friends and associates and I put a post on Facebook. And people began donating to help with this situation,” said Neubert.

Last week, the company Junk Galaxy came in and removed Monica’s bug-infested furniture and the threat of eviction was called off.

“I’m going to give a plug to Junk Galaxy. When they heard about this situation, they gave a ‘friends discount,'” said Neubert.

“Well, I’d like to have another chair to go in the corner, I’d like to have a couch. And, I’d like to have a bed,” said Jones.

“Everybody has a community, the blind people, we have our own community. But we are also an active engaging part of the community as a whole. I would like that message to really be heard,” said Neubert.

Jones is grateful to those who have assisted her. “It touched my heart. I wasn’t expecting all of that when this first started.”

As Jones is grateful, Neubert says she is thankful to the Golden Age Retirement Village for working with her, as they try to assist Jones.

If you would like to assist Jones, visit