KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A victory for a disabled grandmother in Knoxville as her eviction notice has been dropped. Laurie Myers went to court thinking she would be given 10 days to move her trailer, but now, her luck has changed.

Many East Tennesseans were eager to come to Myers’ aid when we first reported her predicament with the mobile home park she’s been at for 18 years. She’s owned her trailer since 2003, never missed a payment, doesn’t cause any trouble, but last month an eviction notice arrived. When the 60-year-old’s health started failing, she couldn’t keep up her place and ended up in violation of park rules.

Knoxville’s Community Action Committee stepped in and provided an attorney to represent her in court.

Myers will not be evicted from her mobile home park, Amherst Ridge. General Sessions Judge Chuck Cerny was told by the attorney from Amherst Ridge it has agreed to dismiss the eviction case against Myers.

During court on Tuesday, Myers’ lawyer was able to negotiate a deal with Amherst Ridge. “We were able to make an agreement with the landlord so that my client can stay in her house for at least a year, maybe longer, as long as she complies with the community guidelines,” Bennett Hirschhorn said.

The guidelines will require her to keep her home and property maintained for the next year. Seeing our original story, the operators of a local restaurant stepped forward and agreed they will bring her trailer and yard up to standards at no cost for the next 12 months.

Aaron Lhamon with Horn of Plenty restaurant said, “So, we’re going to take on the physical property maintenance around Ms. Myers trailer, get it all up to snuff.”

Amherst Ridge agreed to give Myers a normal 12-month lease, not month-to-month and may extend the lease beyond the next year. Hirschhorn said, “The landlord is actually being very reasonable. I see a lot of these cases and not so many landlords are willing to be reasonable. So, that’s a huge win really for everybody.”

“I’m just beyond… I don’t know what to say other than God works in mysterious ways,” Myers said. “God did this. You guys did this. If it wasn’t for everybody working together, it would never have been accomplished.”

Amherst Ridge does not have a homeowners association, so, each resident is personally responsible to keep up their place. The Area Agency on Aging’s Community Action Committee played a big role in assisting Myers.