KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A disabled Knoxville woman, who has never missed a rental payment, is fighting an eviction notice sent to her in March.

Deborah Davis, 63, lives in a government-subsidized home but did not move out at the end of the month.

So, she is being taken to court and fears her belongings will end up on the street in a few weeks.

Davis, who is also divorced, lives alone on a fixed income of just over $900 a month. The eviction notice left her “stunned” and “there was no one to help her if the court rules she has to move.”

Davis is worried that she may have to give up her beloved dogs. Especially, if she cannot find a pet-friendly, wheelchair-accessible, low-income apartment or home soon. She is on a Section 8 voucher. Her rent was paid by KCDC.

Five years ago, Davis moved into the North Knoxville home and has never missed a payment on her rent.

“I love the neighborhood. It’s a lot more than what I grew up with. People actually know people,” she said.

The situation started when she received a letter stating that her lease was being terminated on March 1.

“She brought me the letter 30 days to move,” Davis said. “I thought, ‘What the heck?’ No explanation. It says, ‘I have to move no later than March 3.'”

Complicating her situation, Davis is scheduled to have heart surgery on May 3. Davis’ doctor sent this letter to her landlord’s attorney about her needing two weeks to recover.

“Trying to pack up a house when you are in a wheelchair most of the time. Pain, issues and other medical issues. And little help, I have no family in the state of Tennessee,” Davis added. “It was first put off because of the lockdown, then transportation. Then a year ago when it was found out I have a blood disorder, that made it too risky until treatment.”

Since she did not move, Davis was served this detainer warrant.

Davis will have to be in court on April 25. She was reportedly given 10 days until she has to move out which was on the same day as her surgery on May 4.

“From what I understand, after April 4 they can come and set everything out on the side of the road whether I’m here or not. And, I’ll be in the hospital two or three days after the surgery. I have begged them to give me an extension so that I can have time to raise the funds, have time to pay people to help me to move, to try to find a place, I’ve had absolutely no luck. The only wheelchair-accessible house that I found for rent was $1,600.”

KCDC wrote saying with Davis’ voucher she is “eligible” for another place to live. However, the agency has not yet found a home for her.

“I’m frightened. Because I’m looking at being on the street,” she said.