KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — More than $2,000 has been returned to an East Tennessee woman whose debit card was stolen last summer. When it was swiped in August, Theresa Baker’s card was hacked and money from her online banking account was drained.

WATE’s Don Dare spoke with Baker earlier this month and he’s been in contact with the banking company. When presented with the information Dare learned, Chime Bank got it straightened out. It’s taken a while to get resolved, but the outcome is good.

After months of worrying about out losing more than $2,000, Baker is finally able to relax. She got her money back from Chime Financial after her online bank account was emptied by a thief.

“Oh, I’m very pleased. I’m so very happy because now I can, I’m so free of that. Now I can just start fresh. With that hanging over you, when someone takes your ID, that is kind of personal. I never had that happen to me before,” said Baker.

In August 2022, she was at an RV campground outside of Kingston, when a thief broke into her camper and stole her debit card from Chime. As Baker told us earlier this month, she had just turned 62 in August and was expecting her first social security retirement check that month.

“I got the paperwork from Social Security telling me that they had decided that I was going to get $480 on my Social Security. They went ahead and sent my disability check which was $841. It was deposited on August 15th. Well, my Goddaughter brought my paperwork out on the 19th. So, I got it! Yay, I got money! But I didn’t have any money. It was all gone,” she said.

Baker contacted the Roane County Sheriff’s Department, this report states after her card was stolen, her account was hacked and every penny was gone. Next, she called her bank and reported the crime, her card was canceled and her account was closed, but she never got her stolen money refunded.

“I get an automated response from a computer. It states that I need to send verification of who I am, which I do,” she said.

WATE contacted Chime and the corporate office got in touch with Baker.

“She called me, yes. And asked if there was anything she could do to help me. She understood I was having a problem with my account,” said Baker.

In an email sent to Dare, Chime said they had been working with Baker. and the matter is fully resolved.

“Yes, it is. And my account is actually closed. Finally, it is closed,” said Baker.

Last week, Baker sent Chime a selfie including her picture ID and mailing address.

“Like I told them I didn’t have any problem with their system or their banking service at all until I was hacked,” Baker said. “But I couldn’t get across to them. As soon as I would get things started right, here that thief would come in and change everything back, reopen the account, it’s amazing what they can do.”

The checks sent to her are now in a new banking account.

“Yes, I’m happy, I’m very happy today,” said Baker.

Dare started working on this story before Christmas. Chime Bank kept us and Baker informed on their progress. The personal call made to Baker from Chime reassured her she was a priority, and they wanted her case resolved. She plans on spending a little bit of the $2300 by taking her family out for dinner.