KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Another customer is having trouble with an appliance repairman who uses several different business names. This time he was paid to fix a dryer, but it failed, and for a while, he ignored his customer despite a guarantee.

The repairman has no business license, at least not when WATE spoke with him. Ironically, the repairman’s customer was a former Knox County clerk, whose office issues business licenses. Phil Amos, the repairman, advertises his business on several online sites and specializes in repairing Kenmore appliances.

Foster Arnett’s Kenmore dryer has a problem. The dryer’s drum bangs and thumps even though it’s been repaired.

“Well, it’s doing exactly what it was doing when the guy came and supposedly fixed it,” Arnett said. “Obviously, he didn’t fix it.”

The president of the Better Business Bureau Tony Binkley shared that there have been numerous complaints about Amos’ businesses. Arnett’s dryer was repaired by Amos under the business name of East Tennessee Appliance Repair Services.

“He came by to fix it. He took it apart and said he had just the right part he had put on his truck that morning. He put that in and he gave me the receipt,” said Arnett.

The receipt said parts cost $100 and labor was $401. The service came with a one-year warranty.

“About four weeks later, it started making the noise all over again,” said Arnett. “I tried to call him, the number he gave me nobody ever answered the phone.”

In August WATE spoke with Patsy, who hired Phil Amos to fix her refrigerator in January. She told us that got rid of her refrigerator because Amos never fixed it after two attempts. He returned the full amount, $700, on August 30. The business name Amos used at Patsy’s home was Knox County Appliance and not East Tennessee Appliance Repair Services.

Foster said his bill looked the same as Patsy’s bill with the same handwriting and a one-year warranty. He added that like Patsy’s it did not include sales tax, but it’s supposed to.

“It should say parts and labor, then before he totals it there should be a place down here where you pay, or you are charged the taxes on it then the total all the way at the bottom,” said Foster.

As the former County Clerk for Knox County, Foster knows what the rules are for sales tax.

“I don’t think they’ve changed since I left office. I ran him through or had the clerk’s office run him through. He doesn’t have a Tennessee business tax or a Knox County business tax license,” said Arnett.

WATE looked at Foster and Patsy’s bills, plus a third one given to us from the BBB. They included three different business names and no sales tax is included.

“Yes absolutely, he is supposed to be charging sales taxes on it, “Arnett said. “So, what he is doing he is charging whatever he deems necessary and he’s not doing his due diligence in paying what every other business owner does, that is pay their taxes.”

WATE got in touch with Phil Amos. He remembered placing a part at Foster Arnett’s home and explained why he uses different business names.

“That’s the way we always did it. The main company name is Knox County Appliance,” said Amos.

He added that his business tax license is in Sevier County. However, the Sevier County clerk’s office told WATE that none of the business names Amos uses are registered.

With no sales tax added to the receipts, we asked how he squares that up with the state.

“Whatever labor is; we take the part away from it, then we take the tax off the parts of it,” said Amos.

Two days after talking with Amos, he left a note and cash at Foster Arnett’s home.

“He refunded all of my money to the penny. But he still is not doing the right thing,” said Arnett.

Amos told WATE that he moved to Tennessee from Indiana last December, where he claimed he had a business license. He admitted to us that he hasn’t yet filled out the paperwork in Sevier County where he lives. However, he said he has every intention to get that done. He told us that he’s “not out to cheat anyone” and that he “tries to keep everyone happy.” So far he has returned over $1,100 to two former customers.