GREENVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — More customers are sharing trouble they have had with a solar company based in Knoxville. A Greeneville resident told WATE her system doesn’t work after it was installed last September. Yet for months, homeowner Linda Yokley said the solar company never got it running.

Fed up, she called WATE’s Don Dare to see what he might be able to do. This is not the first time Dare has helped a customer of Solar Titan USA. The company’s headquarters was once located in this now-empty 40,000-square-foot building on Peters Road in West Knoxville.

WATE was there in early December, shortly after the company downsized, and moved to a new location, according to a company spokesperson. Solar Titan told it is trying to get its customers taken care of and they did respond to one of their customers who called us.

There are 35 solar panels on Yokley’s home in Greene County. Yet, since they were put up in September, the meter has read zero. Yokley isn’t happy as she paid $91,000 to have the solar system installed.

“$91,000 and it’s still not running,” said a frustrated Yokley.

The company that did the work was Solar Titan USA out of Knoxville. In an attempt to get her system working, she contacted Solar Titan for help.

“I have a whole stack of notes here where I have called Solar Titan, they pat you on the head and send you on your way. They will say we will get somebody out there, they’ll be out there tomorrow. They never show or call. This is supposed to be our power source here. When they first came and put it in, they put it over there,” said Yokley.

Solar Titan installers first set up the power source next to the electrical panel in Yokley’s garage, but Greeneville Light and Power ordered it moved. Yokley wonders why Solar Titan technicians didn’t know the rules.

“Then when they came and inspected it, they said that was wrong, it was not acceptable. So they had to move it over here. It has to be at least three feet away from the fuse box,” said Yokley.

There’s another issue. Presently, she pays a loan company $461 a month for solar panels that don’t work. Her contract with Solar Titan was signed on March 23, 2022. But before the panels were installed, Yokley needed a new roof on her home. So, she asked Solar Titan to delay the loan payments until the panels were up.

“We wouldn’t make any payments until 90 days after it was completely installed, up and running. But they didn’t honor that. They started taking payments out in June,” she said.

For six months now she made payments to her local electric company and loan payments for a system that doesn’t work.

“The guys were supposed to be out here on the 29th of December. Again, no show, no call,” she said. “I’m still waiting. I want my panels fixed.”

Dare contacted Solar Titan USA five days ago. In response, the company wrote “We had a service call scheduled with Mrs. Yokley in December. Due to sickness, we had to cancel that appointment. We called Mrs. Yokley on Dec. 27th to let her know this. She didn’t answer. She was sent an email letting her know this as well. We are sorry for the confusion. We sent a service technician to her home to get her system back online. It is up and running now.”

Yokley told Dare two technicians spent several hours stretching wires and replacing several solar panels two days ago. Her system now does work.

As WATE reported in June and in December, other customers had issues with Solar Titan USA, the company did respond to our inquiries and made things right. However, Tennessee’s Attorney General’s Office, and the AG offices in Georgia and Kentucky confirm they have active investigations into Solar Titan USA, but decline to reveal specifics.

When asked recently whether the company plans on accepting new customers, Solar Titan responded saying “at this time, we are just focused on trying to get existing customers taken care of.”