KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A disabled grandmother faces eviction from a Knoxville mobile home park because she didn’t cut the grass or make timely repairs to her home. She’s a long-time resident of Amherst Ridge in Knoxville and owns her own trailer. However, park management claims she violated community guidelines. Laurie Myers has to appear in General Sessions Court on Tuesday, Sept. 14, where she expects to be officially evicted from Amherst Ridge. For six weeks over the summer,

Myers says she’s tried her best, usually by herself, to spruce up her yard and home. She says apparently her efforts weren’t good enough for management. For 18 years she’s lived at Amherst Ridge mobile home park, operated by YES Communities. She has a month-to-month lease.

She is unsteady on her feet as she says she has a severe heart condition along with other health issues. The 60-year-old grandmother and former nurse knows her limits. Myers, who depends on a limited fixed income from social security disability, may not live here much longer. Because her grass was high, her porch was cluttered, the roof to her home needed to be sealed among other cosmetic issues, she found a notice in June warning her to complete the home repairs by August.

In response to the notice, Laurie said in July she had her backyard shed repaired and painted. The skirting around her home was replaced and her single wide that she’s owned for years was pressure washed. She also replaced the blinds in front of her home, and her porch was cleared of clutter. She did it all by herself.

“This was like me doing something for like 30 or 40 minutes and my heart rate would be 160. I’d have to go in, sit down and rest,” Myers said.

Apparently, the repairs and clean up were not completed fast enough. The detainer warrant served on Aug. 18 demands that she appear in Knoxville’s civil court for eviction.

“I have cried non-stop since July 20. Then when I get the detainer warrant, I was like, how can he do this?” she said.

She expects court to tell her she has 10 days to return or a 10-day notice to vacate. Myers said it would cost, at minimum, $5,000 to move her home. She says she doesn’t have the ability to pay.

WATE 6 On Your Side reached out repeatedly to Amherst Ridge for comment, and there’s been no response. Now, Myers will be forced to leave the place she’s called home for 18 years. “I have nowhere to go. I have absolutely nowhere to go.”

Myers says over the years she has made many friends at the park, has never caused any trouble and continues to pay her monthly lot fee. She says if her health were better, she would have cut the grass, pulled the weeds, and made home improvements a lot sooner.

Knoxville’s Community Action Committee says it’s been working closely with Myers, trying to do all it can to help her meet the park’s requirements. CAC says it will continue to work with her if she is evicted.