JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WATE) — A young woman in Jacksboro, who had been an apartment manager, has been waiting for four months to receive one of her paychecks. Two weeks before the payment was due her bank account was hacked causing her to close it, but the direct deposit was sent to that closed account.

For the last four months, Katlin Jackson, now a stay-at-home mom has been waiting for a paycheck due at the end of April. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Jackson worked as a manager for an Apartment Complex in Jacksboro. The corporate office for the complex, Hallmark Management, is located in Atlanta Georgia. Jackson banked with ORNL Credit Union in the fall but in mid-April, her account was hacked.

“ORNL contacted me and told me that there was suspicious activity in my account,” Jackson said. “And they asked me if I was the one who purchased the stuff that was on my account. I said, ‘No.’ So they said that their best advice was to close that account and open up a new one.”

She continued to run into roadblocks when trying to figure out where her direct deposit check landed. Then she decided to open a new account.

However, her paycheck of $972 never got into her hands at the end of April.

“I was supposed to receive my paycheck on 4/28 from Hallmark companies and they put it in my closed account. ORNL said it went in deposit so they automatically rejected it and sent it back,” Jackson said.

Jackson reads a message from the Human Resources department at Hallmark.

“Your bank kept your funds. Your bank still has not returned anything to ADP,” the message said.

ADP, the payroll processing company, said they never received their funds back and cannot reissue another check because they never received the fund.

Jackson sent a message about her having to close the account. ADP tried to send the money into the closed account twice.

“I’m now a stay-at-home mom so that $1,000 would be good that I worked for. I worked over 40 hours and I felt like I work for nothing,” she said.

Jackson’s former employer writes, “Unfortunately, the burden of proof is your responsibility since you are the person making the claim. ADP cannot and will not contact your bank to request any information on your behalf.”

After Jackson contacted ORNL. The company sent a message back stating, “We sent it back. That’s all we can do.”

WATE sent an email explaining Jackson’s dilemma.

Payment Services said the institution received a deposit from Wells Fargo and did receive the deposit back but were unsure where it sits. WATE reported that no one responded from Hallmark management.

WATE then sent an inquiry to Hallmark and included the message from ORNL. Within days, the issue was resolved.

“I got an email saying that they have my live check sitting on their desk and to have a great week, and they asked me for my address and then I got it the next day,” Jackson said.

In an email from Hallmark management, ADP issued that check to Jackson shortly after documentation was received from her credit union.

When asked how this check would make a difference, Jackson responded the way almost any mother would.

“Now I can use it for my kids like I needed to in April.”

Jackson said she is grateful to ORNL for assistance in helping her.