JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WATE) — Rising rent prices are forcing many people to find more affordable apartments. After a 60 percent rent increase, a disabled woman has received some good news.

Janie Osborne lived at the Indian Mound Apartment complex in Jacksboro. The monthly rent at a complex increased by nearly 60 percent with the resident only given 30 days’ notice. At the end of August, Osborne’s neighbor Miss Mae found out she was approved for government-subsided housing with the Lafollette Housing Authority.

Miss Mae is living at Russell Tower. It’s housing for those with disabilities and low income. Osborne, her long-time neighbor, recently learned she was accepted to Russell Tower as well.

On Aug. 1, Osborne and Miss Mae had been given only 30 days to make arrangements to move or pay an extra $200 more in rent. They decided to look for a new place to live on their limited fixed incomes, and neither could afford to remain in their efficiency apartments at a higher rate.

Within days of our first story, their landlord sent them a letter giving them until the end of September to move and free rent through the month. Both Osborne and Miss Mae are eligible for a government-subsidized apartment with the LaFollette Housing Authority. WATE contacted the agency in mid-August and told them about the women and their situation.

By the end of August, Miss Mae was packing, the Housing Authority found her a new place to live. However, Osborne, who is disabled, was still on the waiting list. Now, Osborne is off the waiting list and she received an acceptance letter.

“I know there are a lot of people out there who are losing their homes every day, who don’t have anywhere to go. I’m very thankful and grateful, I am,” said Osborne.

Miss Mae’s family helped her move in a few weeks ago. and she’s all set up, with her old neighbor nearby.

“I’ve lived close to Jane for a long time, didn’t we Jane,” said Miss Mae.

“Now we’re going to be neighbors again,” said Osborne.

Osborne plans to be in her apartment by the middle of next week.

The LaFollette Housing Authority manages over 1100 public housing units and over 300 housing choices at 11 sites in seven different counties.

There is a waiting list, however, we’re told for the elderly and disabled, the wait isn’t that long. The application process requires a face-to-face interview and staff members travel to the different housing authority sites each month to take applications.