KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A young Knox County man received a call from someone claiming to be with DISH offering an update to his satellite service. That’s one of the more common ploys that scammers use to either steal your personal information or to get you to send them money.

There have been stories shared across social media on similar stories how scammers call claiming they’re from DISH. The satellite service has nearly nine million subscribers and scammers are taking advantage of those numbers. All the con artists need are 100 people a day across the country to believe their pitch. The young man called WATE 6 On Your Side doesn’t have internet service in the area where he lives and called DISH a few months ago to begin his service.

Josh Skidmore likes to watch a variety of sports programming provided by his satellite service. At 18-years-old and a high school senior, Josh just made his first big purchase with his own money. In May, he paid DISH Network to set up the service where he lives in West Knox County His direct payment goes right to DISH Network.

He says he pays $119 every month and hasn’t missed a single payment. Recently, he received three calls from a person claiming to be with DISH. They asked for his security code, and address, which they claimed they needed for an important update. However, Josh didn’t fall for it.

DISH says it never calls its customers asking for personal information. They say the only types of calls it makes to customers are automated ones — for example, a reminder you need to pay your bill. If you do get a reminder, the message will ask you to call DISH.

DISH advised customers that if they receive a similar unsolicited call, hang up and do not provide any information. That’s what Josh did shortly after receiving the calls. The real representative told him scammers often use the ploy of needing your information to update the software on receivers as one of the more common ways of getting a response from customers.

The phone the scammers called from didn’t match up with any toll-free numbers that are listed by DISH. It’s real easy to fall for a hoax like this one, especially if you have a new account and you’re told about a new update. The best advice is to be suspicious of callers claiming they’re from either your cable, cell phone or satellite service.

Again, hang up then call the real number that’s listed on your monthly bill. If you do get a call and after you listen to the pitch, hang up and then contact the real provider.